How To Make Moving Home With Kids Less Stressful

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When you are moving home with children, you want to make everything as easy and stress-free as possible. Let’s face it, when you are moving home without them, this is your aim, they just add a whole other layer of stress to it! That is why today we want to share with you a few ideas around how to make moving home with kids less stressful.

Involve them in the move

In order to help your children to feel comfortable with moving house and all of the changes that it will bring, it helps to involve them in the move.

Their ages will play a big part in how involved they actually are and how much you have to do here. It might just be that they come and see the house with you so that they can picture their new bedroom, living room and garden before the moving day itself. 

They might make plans with you to pop a swing set in the new garden or grow fruit and veg out there. They might want to choose the decor for their new room or perhaps they want to help you to plan how you will use your living space. Getting excited about these things should help them to make the transition smoothly. 


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Get them to pack their own bag

Do not worry, we haven’t gone crazy here! We are not suggesting that you trust your five year old to pack her own things, simply to allow her the control to feel that she is doing so.

Encourage your kids to gather together anything that they want to keep close to them during the moving process so that they feel reassured and have something to occupy them. They might choose to pack a favourite soft toy, a beloved book and toys to keep them busy whilst the chaos ensues. 

This is well worth doing as your children can feel more a part of the move and it gives them things to do and play with whilst you are trying to find all of their other belongings in amongst all of the boxes.

Get some help

If at all possible, get the children to have a sleepover the night before the big move. As long as they have said goodbye to their existing home and are staying somewhere that they are comfortable staying, this can work really well..

It will free you up for any last minute packing, cleaning or planning the evening before and allow you to get up and be ready for the big day ahead.

If this isn’t possible, at least try to get people helping you out with the school runs that day so that you can concentrate on getting your house straight rather than keeping an eye on the clock. 

Along with help watching the kids, get all of the professional help that you can. If you want to leave your existing home sparkling, hire cleaners or someone to clean your oven thoroughly. For the move itself, use a man and van service or a moving company, such as to take the stress out of doing it yourself. 

Plan a takeaway

The day you move in, plan a takeaway. Do not even think of trying to rustle up a healthy family meal that day, that is an extra layer of stress that you just don’t need. 

Choose everyone’s favourite meal, order in and settle down with fun food in your new home and enjoy it.

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