Shopping savvy to save money on children’s clothes

I have two boys, the eldest being almost nine and with almost 5 years between them I have learnt a few things about savvy shopping when it comes to their clothes.

First of all they were born in different seasons. This was fine for baby grows but it soon became apparent that winter clothes in summer just wouldn’t cut it. I layered up in winter though, you can put a jumper over the top of pretty much everything, however shorts in winter is a bit of a no no!

Once they get a little older and stop growing so fast this isn’t an issue though and Little L wears all of Big L’s cast offs. I have saved a fortune by being a bit of a hoarder and keeping all his clothes. 

After almost nine years of motherhood I have learnt a few things about how to save money on kids clothes:

I have learnt which shops are good value and quality

You might be surprised to earn that the supermarkets like Sainbury’s TU collection and F&F at Tesco are very good. They wear and wash well and have seen both boys through. Another shop I really like for their quality is GAP.

I have never, ever paid full price for anything in GAP. Not once. I ALWAYS wait for one of their offers. Currently they are running 40% off EVERYTHING.

Sign up for store emails and apps

Most shops have apps or emails these days and they will send through vouchers and offers. These are always worth having. GAP have an app where you save 5% every time you shop – ON TOP of any other offers. I do like an offer stack! They will email with any special offers and you often get free delivery too

Shop in the sales for the next year

I always check out the sales for my eldest. Especially Christmas jumpers! I know, I know but planning ahead is a good way to save money. If you have the room to store it then do it (I have a bag of Christmas clothes for the family sat in the bottom of a wardrobe). 

Take advantage of special offers

TU at Sainsburys often run 25% off all clothes, this is off the current price of the item so on top of any sales prices, you can grab a real bargain. They have one most school holidays and I always use the Summer one to buy school uniform. My top tip is to put it all in your cart beforehand so all you have to do is checkout when the sale starts. Things go out of stock very quickly!

Buy secondhand and sell on after

The secondhand clothes market is huge now. There has been a huge increase for several reasons; one because it saves money and two because it is good for the environment. I found Facebook selling sites a great place to buy, and sell, clothes. They are great, especially if you are looking for clothes for pre school – they only end up covered in paint anyway! You can often find some bargains on designer items and they often hold their value for resale later on too.

I hope these ideas have helped – is there anything you would add?




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