The Most Common Childhood Accidents and Injuries

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It is every parent’s nightmare. You are sitting at work, and the phone rings. You head to the school to find your kiddo has a bump on their head. It’s not too bad; some snuggles and an afternoon movie will do the trick. 

Then there are the other, more severe accidents. 

Children are adventurous and more likely to end up having some pretty big accidents as they grow up. Accidents happen, and here are some of the most common causes of injuries and accidents for kids. 

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Perhaps you have a daredevil, or maybe just a daydreamer. Whichever it is, falls are one of the most common ways that children unjust themselves. Falls can come in all sizes, from a trip over a curb to falling out of trees and windows. 

Here are the most common falls:

  • Baby walkers
  • Bathtubs
  • Windows
  • Beds with no railings
  • Stairs

Toddlers are the most prone to falling over as they don’t have the same movement control to balance that other children do. 


After children falling, the second on the list is road traffic accidents. It might be that your child is out playing and runs out into the road. Or you could be out as a family and end up in a car accident. 

Either way, these are very common and leave everything with some level of trauma or injury. 

Luckily most often, plenty of rest, a car accident lawyer, and some medical intervention can have everyone on the road to recovery. 


Most children are covered in tiny grazes, cuts, and bruises, some all of life’s adventures. However, some cuts are more severe than others.

Telling the difference between a cut that needs stitches and one that will heal by itself can be a tricky line. 

There are some occasions where you should head to the doctor or the hospital. 

  • If the bleeding doesn’t stop with pressure after up to 10 minutes
  • If there is a lot of dirty and grit in the wound
  • Has been caused by a human or animal bite or scratch
  • Is read, hot, swollen, smells, or is weeping

In many cases, you can clean, disinfect and dress a small cut or graze at home. If you are worried about the location of the injury or the depth, then head then call a Dr. 

Foreign Bodies

Peas up noses, beads in ears, or swallowing pennies. Children think of the wildest things to have fun. Most often, it is harmless enough and can be removed with ease. However, sometimes a child will swallow something that can be lethal. 

If you see bloating, no wind being passed, constipation, and pain in the stomach, then a pediatric trauma center is the first port of call. 

Children are adventurous by nature, and sometimes those adventures can have a terrible outcome. Make sure that you have a fully stocked first aid kit, have taken a first aid course, and understand how to remove blockages from children’s airways

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