Time Saving Tips for the Morning Routine

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Hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock one too many times, scrabbles about hair dos, hide and seek for the missing shoe and last minute sandwich making! How many of you recognise this scenario from your usual school morning routines? Not the most relaxing way to start the day is it!?

We understand that sometimes trying to get your children to school on time can feel like a losing battle, especially when you have to think about getting yourselves and your children ready. However, by making a few simple changes to your current daily routine, you can help to make your mornings go a little more smoothly and stress free. Here are some tips from an Independent School in Somerset called Taunton School

Prep the evening before

In the evenings, it is a good idea to try and prepare as much as you can for the next morning. This will really help to make your mornings feel less stressful and more organised. Everything will feel so much easier to prepare in the evening when you’re not tired and there’s no time constraints. You will be surprised how many things can be prepared the night before, here are a few: 

  • School bags packed with completed homework, school books and any extra supplies they need for the day
  • Sandwiches are made and lunch boxes are packed up and ready to grab from the fridge 
  • Clothes chosen and laid out ready to slip on including shoes and socks
  • Breakfast is ready to be prepared with the table laid

Positive mind-set

Unfortunately we are not all morning people and for some it may be challenging to be full of sunshine and smiles at silly o clock in the morning! It is however important to have a positive mind-set to start yours and your children’s day off in the right way! When everyone is in a good mood it reduces stress or tension and ensure the morning goes a little smoother. 

Keep it focussed  

When the kids get out of bed, they may be tempted to rush to their video games or TV shows rather than brush their teeth. To get off to a productive start; you should pull the plug on TV and ban screen time until they are ready to leave to school. 

Set the alarm

Be sure to set your alarm to wake you at least half an hour before your children get up. This will give you time to enjoy a cup of coffee in peace, and get yourself ready before the chaos begins! 


You might need to introduce rewards for your kids if they get themselves ready on time, just as a little incentive. For instance, if they are on time every day during the week, they get a treat at the weekend.

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