Tips for a Child & Parent Friendly Family Garden

This is a collaborative post 

I love spending time in the garden but with two young children and a blog to keep on top of I don’t have as much time as I would like to keep it well maintained

Having had my own garden for over ten years I have found ways to keep it looking nice and pretty, as well as being family friendly

Keep plants in pots

Flowers in pots

Ever since I started renting I have kept plants in pots. There are a few reasons for this:

If we move we can take our plants with us. I have a couple of fuchsias that are 15 years old and are stunning every Summer. I also have a few hydrangeas that have been bought for me over the years, they hold sentimental value and I wouldn’t want to leave them behind. 

Not only can you take them with you if you move but they can also be moved around the garden as the seasons change, so you can make the most of the colours around the garden. You can also put them in a more protected place over the winter.

The lawn

Keep on top of the mowing, or even invest in Artificial Grass which is green all t=year round and you won’t get muddy patches. The garden looks so much nicer if the grass is in tip top condition. Trim the edges or plant bushes around the boundary – these only need clipping a couple of times a year and provide lots of green and hidey holes for birds and other creatures to hide while you watch from the comfort of your hammock from Hammockstore

Keep toys in one area

child on blanket

As much as possible we try to keep the kids garden toys in one area. They have a sand pit and a water table which are confined to one corner as well as a kids slide. At the end of the day balls, Frisbees, ride on toys etc are all put away too. It looks much nicer and you can go outside with a cold glass of something in the evening and enjoy our garden without looking at plastic nonsense.

Feed the animals and birds

It doesn’t take much ro entice a bit of nature to your garden. We have a bird feeder from Aldi that was under £20 and it is regularly used by birds and even squirrels. We all enjoy watching them flitting about the garden. We also have a hedgehog house, it is get to be used but we live in hope. What better way to encourage children’s love of nature than to watch it in their own back garden?

Grow fruit and veg

We have strawberries and tomatoes in pots or grow bags each year. The children love watching them grow from small green plants to having flowers and then bear fruit. Our strawberries are fast taking over a patch of lawn so hopefully we’ll have lots more this summer. There is nothing quite like eating fruit and veg you have grown yourself.

I hope you enjoyed my tips for a child & parent friendly garden – is there anything you would add?




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