Vinyl flooring for style and safety in your home

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Throughout the country, vinyl flooring is helping families, professionals, and landlords to keep their properties in a state-of-the-art condition and make their lifestyles easier. There are any more benefits to vinyl flooring which are yet to be noticed by non-vinyl homeowners. If you don’t yet have vinyl, or a debating whether to keep using vinyl, here are some more enticing reasons.

Protecting younger family members

If you have little ones running round your home, then you need not worry about them hurting themselves on vinyl flooring. Anti-slip properties are built into vinyl flooring so even if there is a residue with slip-potential on your floor, your child won’t be hurt if their little feet encounter it. 

Anti-slip properties give you piece of mind, especially when you realise that this flooring is perfect for your child’s bedroom as you can even have any shade of vinyl flooring and still receive the same functional benefit.

Express yourself

Speaking of colour choice… do you have a dream style in mind for your home? There is a shade and texture for every design plan. Is it urban chic or a clean Scandinavian look that gets your creative juices flowing? 

Whatever your flooring is required to do to achieve your ideal look, you can find textures from stone, to wood and tile in vinyl flooring collections. Colour patterns are just as easy as vinyl flooring is available in every shade imaginable. 

Simple installation, even simpler maintenance 

Who loves DIY? Okay, maybe not everyone but if you are looking for flooring that will save you money, vinyl flooring will do this for you in so many ways.

Primarily being that it does not require a professional to install it. Glue down vinyl flooring or click down vinyl flooring are dynamic new ways that you can install flooring yourself, without mess or extra cost from haring a professional. This also means that you can have your planks and tile custom-sized to all the tricky corners in your home. 

When it comes to maintenance you will save money once again. Once you have vinyl flooring in your home all you need to keep in your cleaning cupboard is a mop, bucket, a soap solution which can be scented or un-scented but try to avoid over chemicalised solutions, and finally some soft fibre clothes for skirting boards and smaller spills which require immediate clean up.

Budget friendly from start to finish

As you can see, vinyl flooring is one of the biggest household materials around and for good reason. The process of renovating or decorating a property can be costly and time consuming, but with vinyl flooring you save on both.

If you’re not yet convinced then take a look though the amazing online catalogue of Amtico Spacia and Luvanto vinyl flooring ranges and even get yourself a sample. Both these flooring ranges offer stone and tile effects, which a full colour palette range and added benefits such as wider or shorter planks so every corner of your home is secured with vinyl flooring.

There can be no better decision to be made than selecting a flooring which is stylish, durable and affordable.

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