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Recent events have put a lot of things into perspective, haven’t they? Life has become something we can no longer take for granted. With that feeling comes the urge to have a few more adventures, take a few more risks, and grab onto each day with both hands. You want to make the most of all the wonderful things in your life – family, friends and hobbies – whilst pursuing the career and dreams you’ve always wished for. On the other hand, many of those pursuits might also feel impossible right now. After all, seeing friends over video calls isn’t the same as seeing them in person, and homeschooling your kids definitely isn’t the same as creating experiences with them through holidays and adventures. Add to that the pressure to keep working, and the drain of energy levels many people are experiencing, and it can all feel a bit overwhelming. Yet there are ways you can add adventure to your life without leaving your house – and a few that you can plan for now so you have something to look forward to in the future!

At Home

Adventure doesn’t have to mean foreign travel, or clambering around in the countryside. You can still add excitement and change to your life from the comfort of your living room. Here are a few ideas of ways you can break up the days and feel like you’re still moving forward. 


Okay, okay, so it sounds like the stuff of 90s kids TV shows and little old ladies knitting socks, but crafts can be a great way to learn a new skill and keep your hands nice and busy. Who knows, if you get really good at something you might even be able to make an independent business out of it. Don’t just stick to drawing and adult colouring-in books; widen your horizons! Clay is a really easy and fun material to get started with, and you can also find some great tutorials online to start making wire jewellery. Learning to craft with skill can give you a creative outlet that lets your imagination have an adventure all of its own.


If you can’t travel to a new environment, the next best thing you can do is to change the environment around you. Altering and improving where you live is a huge adventure – sort of a scaled-down version of moving house – and you can put your own stamp of personality on where you live. DIY doesn’t have to be a serious affair, or involve lots of hammering and woodwork (though replacing your countertops is a relatively easy and fun way to make your kitchen look as good as new!). Instead, think about projects you can do to make your home look more beautiful and personalised – even involving your kids in the process. For example, you could dedicate a wall, indoor or outdoor, to be a giant mural space, and cover every inch of it in little paintings by yourself and your family. They don’t have to be perfectly drawn, because they will be reflections of your personality – and an amazing talking point for any future visitors. If you do this, make sure to pick the right paint and varnish afterwards so the colour doesn’t chip or fade.


Do you have that dream career you’ve always wanted, but never quite had the skills to pursue? If you’re lucky enough to be currently at home without a job to attend to, now is the perfect time to address this. There are a host of courses available online in anything from animation to coding to business management. If you can, use this time to kickstart a new adventure in your career that may last the rest of your life. Sometimes, all you need is a little spark or a leap of faith to start out on a new journey, and this could be just the spark you need.


Now first of all, don’t panic. The idea of investment can make a lot of people nervous, partly because it seems like a complicated world of high-risk financial maneuvers. However, navigating online markets and using platforms like the foreign exchange market can be incredibly rewarding – not to mention an exciting way to potentially grow your assets whilst sitting at home unable to work. There’s a whole virtual world out there, and now is the perfect time to get to grips with it. Look up vantage fx for more information. Being adventurous can apply to every area of your life; family, hobbies, career, and money. Perhaps it’s time to take a few small risks, and start to live a little…


If there’s any way to experience adventure without leaving your home, it’s through the magic of storytelling. You can access stories in a huge number of ways. Films, television, radio, audiobooks, novels, animations, even live-streams of theatre shows are all available to you. Faced with all this choice, it can be hard knowing what to pick. Choose your favourite format, or follow the recommendations of friends. Alternatively, there’s nothing wrong with retreating to old favourites for your dose of escapism. Now might be the perfect time to give Harry Potter another read, or any other book from your childhood. Lose yourself in another character’s adventure, and feel comforted by a familiar story all at the same time.


Especially if you have kids, now might be the best time to embrace your inner child again. Who remembers the long hours playing at being ‘pirates’ when you were younger, or running around pretending to shoot arrows at each other? It might seem embarrassing at first, but if you can let go of your adult inhibitions and find a way to play again, it can infuse your life with adventure and connect you with your children in brand new ways.


Of course, hopefully we won’t be stuck inside forever. When you’re able to move around again, you’ll want to be prepared to dive into everything you’ve missed. Now is also a great time to consider new activities you’ve never thought about before. You have a unique opportunity to really narrow down your interests and know what will make you happiest to be doing once you’re able to. 


If you can’t wait to be allowed outside, and you want to feel like you are contributing to the gigantic effort currently being carried out, then consider volunteering. The British Red Cross is always adding to its banks of volunteers, and you may end up delivering food to others in your area, amongst many other tasks allocated. It isn’t glamorous, but it is helpful. Sometimes the most adventurous thing you can do is to get involved in helping the lives of others, and volunteering is one of the best ways to do that right now.


Right now travel is impossible, and it probably will be for a while yet. However, you can still plan for the future, however far away that may be. Where is somewhere you’ve always dreamed of going? If you don’t have a dream like this, maybe it’s time to start thinking of one. You can use the internet to research and choose your dream destination, and have a lot of fun thinking of different options and places you might want to visit. If you start saving now, you’ll be able to afford your holiday easily by the time it comes to book it all. For that true sense of adventure, ditch the hotels and package holidays. Instead, take yourself or your family somewhere a little off the beaten track. Try camping (or even glamping to stride the line between adventure and luxury) and head for destinations just outside the famous tourist spots. That way, you can still take day trips to cover the big attractions, but you’ll also discover your own special places which will feel even more amazing if you haven’t found them through Tripadvisor.


There are some hobbies it’s much harder to do at home. Have you ever wanted to learn climbing? What about skating, or singing in a choir, or joining a band, or learning a team sport? There are absolutely loads of communal hobbies for adults that many people forget exist as soon as they leave the scheduled timetables of school and university. When you’re able to gather again, find something that makes you happy, and give yourself an evening to attend something that is purely for yourself. Exercise releases endorphins, and activities like making music are also proven to have great benefits for your psychological health. Don’t wait another year, or even another day, to do something you think you’d enjoy – do it now, and keep your life empty of regrets.


If you are full of the urge to be more adventurous, fantastic. However, it’s important to remember that current circumstances can be very draining on your energy levels, so don’t push yourself too hard. You won’t be able to do everything at once, and small changes are definitely the way to go. If you need to spend a few days bingeing out on Netflix, that’s also completely valid!

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