Why Creating Better Hobby Time Together is so important in 2021

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Modern-day family life over the last 12 months has made it all too easy to forget the importance of spending real quality time with your family. Covid 19 has given people a lot more time with their families, but in the midst of balancing new routines – homeschooling, working from home, lockdowns, restricted access to many of the freedoms and journeys we would usually make etc – a lot of the time families have spent together can feel like anything but real quality time.  The families that have not only survived but dare I say thrived during these testing months, have been the ones to quickly reframe what and how real quality time is spent together. Hobbies as a family has been a refreshing change, and  will strengthen the bond between you and your kids. These are some of the hobbies I’ve seen and heard taking place more and more for dads, mums and their children, and how to get the best out of them.

1. Star Gazing 

One benefit of less air travel is that the night sky is clearer than it’s ever been! Find a telescope and take up stargazing with your kids. Observing celestial objects can be fun and informative. Stargazing has so many fun activities you can do aside from just sky watching. Your young ones can get involved by drawing different star maps and shapes. Since most people are working from home, the chances are that your evenings will be a little freer, so why not truly switch off for the day with a stargazing session. 

It’s also something you can do outside  in the back or front garden space. Get everything you need to be comfortable outside while star gazing like blankets and chairs. This has been such a revived hobby and is full of adventure / stories that you can share with the kids and encourage learning.

2. Take The Kids Outs On A Trailer Bike 

The pandemic has also been a big cause of more parents, and lots of dads I talk too especially, picking up a bike. As a dad, you don’t have to wait until the kids can ride bikes to take up biking as a family hobby; kids bike trailers are a great solution for little ones to enjoy the ride too. You get to enjoy cycling with the young ones; children love the outdoor in their own little space. On your bike trails, you might even want to incorporate new nearby places you haven’t been to before – just to shake things up.

3. Photography 

Once the pandemic is over, you will go back to being the busy  mum/dad you were. One way to make sure you maintain a great relationship with your kids is by looking at how you make photography something of a shared passion. It’s fun and creative, and you will be preserving memories in the process; you don’t even need to take professional photos. Whether being serous or just playing around, these pictures can create the best fun and bonding experience for the family. When the covid 19 restrictions are lifted, you can take the newfound hobby outdoor. Let the kids snap pictures of what they find interesting.  You just might be amazed with what and how your kids capture photo memories too. 

The best thing is too that you can create a family photo album to keep the memories and look back on those every so often.

4. Cooking 

Cooking, aside from being a perfect hobby during the pandemic, is a useful skill to have. You can take up baking or any cooking you are interested in and learn together with your boy or girl. There is nothing like a home-cooked meal, as many Britons have found, but it can get hard to enjoy one every day with the busy schedule. The lockdown is a great time to take cooking as a hobby for you and the family; you get to enjoy home meals and teach the kids some useful skills. Even if your children can’t handle most of the kitchen appliances, let them help with ingredients, recipe instructions, or table settings. The cooking sessions will be family time, and you can make it fun and engage everyone.

5. Gardening 

Even before the pandemic, gardening was a big trend, if you had not jumped on that train, this period is the best to start. You can introduce your kids to gardening by planting flowers, fruits or vegetables. You don’t have to do it on a large scale. Considering the pandemic and all the restrictions, you can use the backyard. It will be very engaging because the garden needs a lot of maintenance. It’s an enjoyable hobby that teaches the kids responsibility and very rewarding. At the end of the pandemic, you might have some fruits or vegetables to show for it. Gardening is the best hobby for the pandemic because it needs a lot of attention and the lockdown is the only time you and the family are free.


You need to think about hobbies that can be done with children during the pandemic. It will give you time with your kids and instil some positive behaviours in them, especially if you are a busy dad or mum. It’s a unique experience that you should take advantage of and make the most out of it. Outdoor activities are always best for the kids, they are fun and engaging, but you can get some house hobbies you can enjoy during the lockdown.

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