Why increasing natural light in your home can be beneficial to your family

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Lots of us want our homes to be lighter. No matter if you live in the city suburbs or the countryside, the design of traditional houses can make getting lots of natural light inside challenging. Only having windows on the sides of your home can mean a lot of light is blocked by neighbour’s houses, high fences or trees.

Depending on the design of your home, it may be possible to add rooflights to increase the number of windows you have and help let more natural light into your home. If you have a loft conversion or a single-story ground level extension, rooflights are a great option and can really make a difference to the light levels in a room. There are other options to increase natural light and make your home feel brighter, including changing your window design, adding mirrors or changing the colour scheme of your room.

Aside from just increasing the amount of natural light in a room, there are other benefits to your family life. So, what are they?

Reduce stress

Increasing natural light has shown to have a positive impact on your mood and also your stress levels. Even before we were all spending more time inside due to COVID-19, our homes can be stressful places. With busy families and everything which needs to get done outside of work, it can be hard to relax and destress at home fully.

It’s well known that natural light can be help reduce stress and also make you feel happier. During darker winter months where natural light is reduced, being able to make the most of what is available and bring that light into your home is vital.

More productive environment

Along with impacting your mood and stress levels, increasing the amount of natural light has also shown to make people more productive. A 2018 study of office workers found that a third, of the 7000 office workers based across Europe, said better light while they work would make them feel happier. People who are happy while they work generally work better and more productively.

Your home environment should be no different. While lots of us are working from home at the moment, there are still lots of things we need to get done around the house as usual. Feeling more productive at home is a great thing as you can accomplish tasks quicker which leaves more time for relaxation and spending time with your family.

Reduced electricity bills 

It may sound obvious, but, having higher levels of natural light reduces your reliance on artificial light. By not needing to turn on lamps or room lights as often or for as long, you can see a reduction in your electricity consumption and therefore your bills.

The same case can be made for heating. We have all felt the heat generated by windows on a sunny day. By increasing natural light sources, rooms can feel warmer and therefore, the amount of time where electrically generated or radiated heat is needed is reduced.

It’s clear there are multiple benefits to increasing the natural light levels in your home. As mentioned at the beginning, there are several ways to do this and finding the right solution for your home is important. Whichever way you achieve it, bringing more natural light into your home is a generally positive thing and something which can benefit your family life.

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