Five indoor activities you can do with children

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Days spent indoors don’t have to be boring, there are lots of activities you can do to keep yourself and children entertained

Having spend the last few weeks at home we have found lots of different ways to while away the hours together. We never thought we were an arts and craft or board game type of family but it’s surprising what you find you enjoy when you have a lot of time on your hands.

Here are a few ideas that our family enjoys together:


We found that both the adults and children enjoyed colouring (although some of us were better than others at staying in the lines). There are lots of free printable downloads you can find online. From the mindful colouring sheets for grown ups to posters for children. We printed out lovely Thank You sheets to colour and put in our window for key workers. 

We did find that our printer ink leaked if using felt tip pens so pencils or crayons were better.

A child in a yellow top drawing on paper

Paper Cutting

For those who are old enough to use scissors then paper cutting is great fun. Younger children can make paper dolls or snowflakes while older children and grown ups can try something a bit more technical and download a paper cut template to try. There are all sorts of paper cutting templates available on Design Bundles, from simple ones to really ornate designs. You can even make 3d works of art. 

We found paper cutting a really good way to improve the kid’s scissor skills. Younger children will obviously require supervision.


Years ago I used to love Saturday nights at my Grandparent’s house watching Miss Marple and completing large, complicated 1000 piece puzzles and I hope to get to that stage with my children. For now we are working our way up to 100 pieces. Our four year old is particularly keen on puzzles and it is something we encourage. Puzzles are a great way to help little fingers become more dexterous and benefit the slightly older mind too.

A chess set with a child, slightly blurry in the background

Board Games

Being a blogger I am lucky enough to be sent lots of toys and games to review. As an onlychild I didn’t appreciate board games, they aren’t much fun on your own, but I have a new found love of them. My two children are lucky to have each other to play with and we are lucky they play nicely together…mostly.

We have found all sorts of different games to enjoy together. My oldest, who recently turned 9, enjoys draughts and chess as well as classic children’s games like snakes and ladders.

Dressing Up & Roll Play

Our two just love dressing up, we have LOADS of masks and costumes. Particular favourites in our house are Star Wars and superheroes and there is a lot of roll play based around that. But we also have wooden food, a kitchen and shop that they play with. Our youngest loves making meals from the food and selling it to his older brother. It’s amazing how much their imagination runs away with them when given simple things.

Two children dressed in costumes. One red spiderman and the other blue Captain America

What things do your family enjoy doing at home?



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