Garden planting – getting the kids interested with fast growing vegetables

One of the biggest battles is keeping the kids engaged in the garden. Garden planting can be a bit too long of a payoff for them so in this article I hope to go through some of the fastest growers for this summer and hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy a nice fresh salad from your own garden in the process of teaching the kids a bit about gardening.


Lettuce is a great one to plant in the vegetable patch because you sow directly into the ground and the harvest time isn’t much more than 30 days. The best thing about lettuce for me is that I’ve been able to get my kids eating it. You’ll need to keep watering daily if the lettuce is sown in the peak of summer but if the weather’s that good you’ll be in the garden anyone so no big ask.

One thing you need to be careful of with any leafy salad is just how much the slugs and snails also when to eat it. You’ll have to put appropriate protection against them in place.

Baby Carrots

Baby carrots are another one of my family favourites. The kids are all the age where they are learning from TV and you don’t go far from Bugs Bunny eating carrots! Baby carrots are another really quick grower than can be sown directly into the ground. In decent conditions(plenty of sun, good soil, and water) you can expect to harvest these vegetables in as little as four to five weeks.

In some circumstances they can take a little longer but overall that’s a pretty quick turnaround to keep the kids interested and engaged. I prefer to leave them on plant after I harvest, they seem to last better and they look so much more attractive!

Radish – the quickest grower

It’s well known that radish can be ready in as little as twenty five days, apart from leafy salads there is no quicker grower. Although the kids might not like to eat them, as far as garden planting for the kids goes, it’s a great one to have on the list.

I love radish as part of a fresh and powerful summer salad. It’s a great part of of a vibrant dish. The only thing to watch out when growing them is that you keep a good eye on the ground and make sure they get plenty of water.

Garden planting with the kids can be fun and enjoyable for all the family. These three lovely vegetables will go in your vegetable patch very nicely and compliment almost any arrangement you have already. None of these vegetables take up too much space, they are nothing like cucumbers for example that will continue to spread around the ground far and wide.


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