Having the Right First Aid Kit to Enable Children to Adventure Fearlessly

This is a collaborative post with Safe + Sound – all words and pictures are my own

When I was very young (much younger than I am now, obvs) I had a scab on my forehead. I can’t remember how I got it but I do remember picking it on purpose so I could have a Mr Bump plaster.

I still have the scar on my forehead – I would not recommend this method of obtaining a plaster from your parents. All this to say that plasters have god-level healing properties in that a child would cause herself injury to obtain one. That child being me probably isn’t the best example but there we go.

I should point out that my own mum’s level of sympathy extended to leaving me to sleep with a broken ankle following a fall down the stairs with a “stop being so dramatic, it’s just a sprain”. The following morning I woke in a lot of pain with a very wonky-looking, swollen ankle. I had just finished my GCSEs and spent that summer in a cast. My mum was (quite rightly) guilt ridden. I would say I fall somewhere between that and applying bubble wrap to my children prior to leaving the house…

This year has been a funny one for everyone hasn’t it? We spent a good portion of it shielding due to my medication so the kids, aged 9 and 4 only had the back garden to roam in

Little L, a four year ild boy dressed in blue shorts and an orange t shirt with pumpkins on is climbing a frame in a play park

Little L taking his new adventures quite seriously

More recently we have started to venture out. It was a tough decision to make, weighing up safety and mental health and children being able to play and have adventures outside these four walls. For the vast majority of us safety is paramount but our children being able to play is also high priority. We have our masks for when we feel it is necessary (more often than is a legal requirement for us), we carry hand gel all the time and with that the rest of our first aid kit.

It has become second nature to carry a face mask, hand gel and plasters these days

Safe + Sound products laid on the grass. Antibacterial hand foam, two sets of plasters, antibacterial spray, hand sanitiser

Our Safe + Sound kit

Previously I might not have bothered. From the moment I ditched the nappy bag, baby wipes were left in the car to dry out and a spat on tissue would have to suffice for wiping a sticky face. Looking back I was probably a bit irresponsible, I would rely on a cafe to have first aid bits and plasters but we have to take much more responsibility for ourselves and our children now. I am nervous of other people and want to limit contact as much as possible for our family as a whole so having our Safe + Sound plasters with us just makes sense.

I want our children to be able to play without fear

Our children have been through enough in recent months. They are living through a pandemic and the least we can do is take away fear of injuring themselves causing more issues. They need to be able to get on with having fun and we can help them by making sure we have the right tools with us to keep them safe.

a set of 8 plasters on the grass. One each showing a green monster, blue rocket, pink dinosaur, princess in a purple dress, robot with a bue head and red legs, orange and yellow dinosaur, mermaid and a unicorn

The full set of Safe + Sound plasters

Safe + Sound want children to be able to Adventure Fearlessly and so they have created plasters with fun pictures

Each pack of plasters has 4 different designs; inside one pack has a monster, rocket, dinosaur and robot and the other a mermaid, princess, dinosaur and unicorn, pretty much akin to my Mr Bump plaster back in the day. The plasters themselves are made using a hypoallergenic adhesive and have a breathable, wash proof outer which helps protect the wound from bacteria and germs. They are packaged separately so are sterile. 

They are easy to use, Little L even put one on himself! I can also confirm they do not hurt to remove, unlike some that leave you with a square patch of hairless skin.

Little L, a four year old wearing an orange pumpkin t shirt, is sitting on a park bench applying a Safe + Sound plaster

Little L applies his own Safe + Sound plaster in the park 

Safe + Sound plasters and products are available from most chemists, supermarkets and Amazon  

How to use Safe + Sound plasters

Before applying one of Safe and Sound Health’s Kids Fun Plasters, clean the wound and surrounding area.

  1. Thoroughly wash your hands before tending to any open wounds with either soap and water or antibacterial hand gel
  2. Gently rinse the wound with water, removing any dirt or grit. You can use an antiseptic wipe or antiseptic spray to clean and disinfect the wound and surrounding area
  3. Carefully pat the wound dry and check the plaster for folds and creases before applying. Firmly press down on the adhesive, ensuring the plasters is secure without any bumps or gaps around the edges
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