Who wouldn’t want a motorhome?

Gone are the days when I would get annoyed by being stuck behind a caravan or motorhome

When I was in my twenties a pet hate was being stuck behind a caravan on the A303 – if you have ever travelled to Devon or Cornwall from the South East you know…you know…

But now I want one!

I have dreams of packing up a motorhome with the necessities (along with a few luxuries of course) and the kids (are they classed as necessities? Who knows) and heading off into the sunset!

Regular readers will know that Monsieur Incidental is French. We spend most of our holidays in France visiting his family there and, having two small(ish) children, it’s easier for us to drive. They live quite far in so it is a 12 hour drive door-to-door.

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The view from the cockpit – beats the M25 any day!

12 hours, stuck in a car, with two small children. Actually, who am I kidding? We don’t spend 12 hours IN the car.

First of all there is the ferry. After that there are the MULTIPLE toilet stops. Luckily a lot of the French rest stops are designed with children in mind and have play areas. Even the ones where there is just a hole in the ground to “go” in have decent play facilities! Priorities I guess…

BUT! If we had a motorhome all this could be solved thusly:

You wouldn’t be stuffed into a family car which is rammed to the rafters with suitcases and toys.

You could stop en route to anywhere and stay the night if you so desired. No more driving on and on and on. While the kids repeat “are we nearly there yet?” over and over and over.

Imagine, 7pm. You’ve had enough. There’s a campsite – in you pop and set up camp for the night. Nice glass of wine. Decent food cooked on a proper stove. And…a television to keep the kids entertained, hooray!

Not only would you have home comforts but you would explore more of the countryside

Wake up in the morning and think “you know what? Lets go to XYZ” today. You needn’t worry that it’s however many hours away as you could just sleep there!

Obviously owning a motorhome is not very practical for a lot of us. You would need a decent sized drive for a start. And I certainly wouldn’t fancy taking it on the school run every day so it would need to be a second car., and that is a luxury I cannot afford! Luckily there is such a thing as motorhome rental, which is something I might look in to for next year’s adventures. Wish us luck!

Bon Voyage!

*this is a collaborative post




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