Alternative gifts that cool mums will love this Mother’s Day

In case it has escaped your notice Mother’s Day is fast approaching. As usual I have left this guide until the last minute…unless you’re reading this after 11th March 2018 in which case I’m early – you’re welcome!

I decided to create a list of things other than personalised tea towels, teapots and books because, well, I don’t want tea towels, teapots or books and I’m sure I’m not alone. What I would REALLY like is a night out on the tiles and a day off to suffer a hangover in peace but that isn’t going to happen so without further ado feast your eyes on the collection of things that money can buy a cool mum for mothers day.

First off – get a load of these…ROLLER BOOTS! I had a pair of those skates that you wear over your shoes in the ’80s but that is as far as I got. I lusted after my cousin’s roller boots but never had a pair – until now! Plus Roller Discos are making a comeback and I can see why! Our local leisure centre has one each week so why not treat your mum to a pair of roller boots, she could always wear them to Tesco if the worst comes to the worst. Mine came from the lovely people at Skates and are currently on sale at £59.95. They have a wide range, including Heelys and pro scooters for the kids. Top tip, if you’re new to skates try them on carpet before lino.

#rollerboot #rollerdisco

Beautiful rollerboots


The first of two days out here: Axe throwing! I mean how awesome does this sound? Whistle Punks (possibly the coolest name EVER) currently have locations in London, Birmingham and Manchester and are opening this year in Dublin. I’ve not been yet but am planning to in a few weeks so I will update my Instagram (are you following me? If not please do!). I’d be happy if this was tucked in my card on Mother’s Day! Sessions start at £22.00 per person for an off peak session

#axe #axethrowing #punk

Whistlepunks Axe Throwing


Day out number two – a day out at the races…not horse racing, that’s not my bag – cars, now you’re talking! The Supercar Event at Rockingham Motor Speedway is on 7th & 8th July 2018 but is an annual event. They currently have a Supermum package available for all those adrenaline loving mums out there. The package includes one family ticket (2 adults, 2 children aged 4-16) and one supercar passenger ride for just £45. Buy now using the code ‘SUPERMUM’ from here. It is held in aid of the Children’s Trust so a very worthwhile cause too.

#supercar #racing #carracing

Presenter Laura Sherriff who helped host last year’s event getting ready for a spin in one of the supercars

Maybe slightly less random than the others, how about something from the lovely people at Traidcraft? I’m in love with these chimes (I’m a hippy at heart) and the fabulous chocolate – the cardamom one is superb and it really works well with the chocolate, I was pleasantly surprised. Best of all it’s all fair trade. Check out the website for a wide array of really beautiful and unusual gifts. The chimes featured are currently £16.00 and the chocolate bars £3.99 each.

#chimes #wndchimes #houses #tradecraft

Tradecraft chimes

#eatyourthat #fairtrade #chocolate #fairtradechocolate

Eat your hat fair trade chocolate

Finally, no Mother’s Day gift guide would be complete without stuff to put in the bath. I’m going to be honest, I’m a shower girl, I haven’t had a bath for seven, yes SEVEN years! Mainly due to having operations and wotnot so when I was sent some Olverum bath oil for this round up I thought I had best give it a go in the name of science and all that. Well, it was rather nice, not altogether relaxing due to my toddler screaming and my 6 year old popping in for a wee but thems the breaks. Olverum has a lovely herby smell and I will agree that it is unisex. I’ve been suffering from dry skin from the cold weather and I found it very moisturising. It’s billed as a therapeutic muscle soak and aids sleep – that remains to be seen. Best of all it is vegan and not tested on animals (I checked this before it was sent). I was sent a pack of 3 15ml bottles and each bottle contains enough for 3 baths and costs £19 but there are different sizes available.

#bathoil #olverum #musclesoak #relaxingbath

Olverum bath oil

So there you go, no excuse for a box of chocs from the supermarket – get your mum something different this Mother’s Day, I dare say she deserves it!

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*I was sent products as part of this review but all words and opinions are my own



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