Crate Creatures Surprise & Barf Buddies Review

I don’t know about you but we watch Milkshake! on Channel 5 most mornings and Crate Creatures Surprise are advertised A LOT!

I was delighted when we were asked if we would like to review the Crate Creatures Surprise and Crate Creatures Barf Buddies as I was being badgered incessantly for them. My three-year-old would wander around shouting “Crate Creatures” at the top of his little voice.

Lets start at the beginning:

Crate Creatures Surprise arrive in a…crate

The crate has a chain around it and a crowbar attached. You have to use the crowbar to break out your Crate Creature. Careful! It might run away! In the box you will find your Crate Creature and their “food”

Crate Creture surprise - crate

The Crate – CAUTION!

There are 6 different Crate Creatures Surprise. We were sent “Blizz”

Blizz is like an abominable snowman or Yeti. He is cross after being locked up so long and has a wedgie, don’t we all?! His “food” is a Popsicle – or ice lolly if you’re not American. 

The Crate Creatures come complete with temporary batteries so they are good to go straight out of the box (for a short while anyway). They are set to Demo mode so you need to undo the Velcro on their back to access the switch. They can be switched off, in demo mode or normal with two volumes.

crate creature surprise blizz

Blizz, our Crate Creature, holding his popsicle

Crate Creatures Surprise Features:

  • Over 45 unique creature sounds
  • Use the crowbar to pop the lock and open your creature’s crate
  • Pull their tongue to trigger shaking, fun noises and glowing eyes
  • Turn, tip and tumble your creature for motion-triggered reactions
  • Record your voice to hear your creature repeat what you say
  • A frozen treat unlocks chomping sounds!

Crate Creature Surprise Hints and Tips

From one parent to another – do not record something rude or swear on your Crate Creature Surprise. It seems like a great idea until you forget to record over it…

What did we think of the Crate Creatures?

They’re great fun, the crate, chains and lock are reusable which makes a nice change from the packaging you just throw away. There are lots of great features to keep kids entertained, different actions bring different results and noises. We thought they were great fun. They are aimed at kids of 5 and over which I would say is about right. Little L, our three-year-old toddler, loves pulling Blizz’s tongue but he is a bit too rough with it really.

Where can I buy Crate Creatures Surprise?

Crate Creatures Surprise have a RRP of £29.99 and are available from all good toys hops including Smyths (click here) and Amazon through this affiliate link:

Crate Creatures Barf Buddies

These guys are truly disgusting. They combine several things horrible little children enjoy, vomit, monsters and slime!

Crate Creatures Barf Buddies are smaller than the Crate Creatures Surprise

Crate Creature Barf Buddies

Two Crate Creatures Bard Buddies

They are more along the “collectibles” type of toy.

They are completely plastic and arrive in a cardboard box complete with a pot of Barf (slime with bits in it – you’ll be pleased to hear!).

You pull the Crate Creatures Barf Buddies tail to open its mouth, then you pour/scoop the barf in. Once in you pull your buddies tail and the barf slowly pours out. Delightfully disgusting.

What did we think of Crate Creatures Barf Buddies

They are good fun, they certainly appealed Big L who is almost 8. As they contain Slime you would need to use some level of supervision for kids that might get it everywhere – don’t blame me if it ends up on your carpet! Although – they do come with a plastic lid which is very handy so don’t throw this away!

Where can I buy Crate Creatures Barf Buddies?

The Barf Buddies have a RRP of £8.99 and are available from the usual toy shops, Argos (click this link) and Amazon through this affiliate link:

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*We were sent the toys free of charge for the purposes of this review. All opinions are our own

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