Maplin 5ltr Humidifier review

I recently applied to review a dehumidifier, although it actually wasn’t a DEhumidifier, it was a humidifier and by the time I realised it had been dispatched so, I learnt a valuable lesson – I should read these things prior to getting over excited and applying for everything.

In any case said humidifier arrived. “What the hell am I supposed to do with this?” I asked my mum, who if you haven’t learnt from my previous posts is the font of all knowledge see here for an example.

“Ahhh, actually they are very good in the winter.”

“What for?” I asked, “It’s damp in the winter and I hang my washing in the house”

My mum who has an answer for everything – she is rather like an aged, knowledgeable toddler, replied “Well, you have central heating on and it takes all the moisture out of the air”

“Surely, that is a good thing?”

“Well, no. It’s not good for mucous membranes or if you suffer with a cough, asthma and so on”

The blurb from the website is as follows:

Product overview

  • Increase and regulate the relative humidity in your home
  • Digital display with on/off, mist, humidistat and ioniser functions
  • In built timer from 1 to 24 hours with preset capability
  • Efficient humidification with large output and low energy consumption
  • Safe to use, the LED light will illuminate and the machine will stop when the water tank is empty
  • Weight: 1.9 KG
  • Mains power adapter included

This 5 litre digital humidifier uses an ultrasonic high-frequency oscillator to turn water from the tank into tiny particles. By doing this, it restores the relative humidity levels, particularly in rooms where air conditioning or central heating has made the air overly dry. The benefits of correct air humidity are wide ranging and can alleviate a number of health problems including dry eyes, sinus problems, sore throats and dry mouth. 

The digital display offers a variety of humidifying functions and the in-built timer and preset capability ensure that your home is always set to your preferred level of humidity.

So, after letting it sit i the box for a few days (I am a lazy so and so) I decided enough was enough and unboxed it. Big L has had a nasty cough so I thought I would try it in his room. I had had a couple of glasses of wine that evening so I may have spilled a bit of water on his carpet while setting it up but that is by the by. It’s quite fancy with an LED display and you can change the setting to suit your humidity needs. You can also have it on timer so it’s on for a set number of hours which is ideal for a bedroom.

I have to say that although we haven’t tested if for very long it does seem to be working for Big L, his cough seems better. When you go into Big L’s bedroom the air certainly feels “different”. There is debate as to whether ionizers work to purify the air (the gadget has one) and I couldn’t comment on that but having that function doesn’t hurt to have it switched on.

In conclusion I would say that this is a good gadget to have in the winter if you use central heating, it’s especially helpful with things like croup and the like you can buy the humidifier direct from Maplin here

I received the humidifier (by accident) free of charge for purposes of review, all opinions are my own.


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