#bodypositivity – thin girls, jump off my bandwagon

I’ve had enough!

Scrolling through Instagram with all it’s perfect families in perfect houses with perfect bodies. There is a photo of a slim twenty-something looking ever-so-pleased with herself. There she is with her perfect body, face made up, wearing clothes from a store that probably doesn’t go up to my size.

Wow! She looks great! Good for her. Hang on! Back. The. Fuck. Up. #bodypositivity  WHAT? Oooh no! You DO NOT get to do that. Do not jump on MY bandwagon.

Now, I have no doubt that slim people have confidence issues and I am not undermining that BUT as Cora Harrington Tweeted

You do not have to ‘feel thin’ to have thin privilege

If you can go into any store and buy clothes you have thin privilege.

These days I can go into more shops to buy clothes

Not because I’m slimmer but because they have started to cater for the larger lady. In my early twenties I had to go to Evans and that was about it. There were few stores that sold funky clothes for fatties.

But yet, here we are, young women posting photos of themselves tagging #chubrub when you could not only get a fag paper between their thighs but a full pack of 20 B&H.

Please do not undermine our fight by tagging #bodypositivity on photos of yourselves. If you are within ‘normal weight range’ no one judges you when you buy a packet of biscuits, or have a dessert after dinner. You don’t panic at the thought of booking a beauty treatment – will the beautician laugh when you leave? You don’t have people make remarks about your resemblance to a large grey mammal.

It’s nice if you want to support us but, please, find a different way. Making out that you are fat not only denigrates OUR campaign but it can also be a trigger for many

So thin lasses, take your #bodypositivity  hashtags and stick them up your pert little bottoms. Leave us larger ladies something, anything, even if it is just a hashtag.

A friend of mine summed it up well:

Make it known that lack of self esteem can be crippling. That summer makes you cringe when people start taking of their coats… that some of us wince when our husbands touch us… that some of us struggle every day to not pass on the suffocating self hatred to our children. These confident bitches who aren’t 100% happy with a slight tummy or their lack of a tan do NOT understand and WILL NEVER understand and, frankly, it is offensive to try and gain admiration for ‘daring’ to flaunt the flesh they are so clearly confident in.

I don’t want to alienate our slimmer sisters, and thank them for their support, but please think about the type of photos you’re using the hashtag in.


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