Dick pics

I’ve seen it all now! Literally! It’s been a while since I received such a thing (see what I did there?) but yes, sadly, I was on the receiving end of a dick pic or two in my time.  I even had a video sent to me once. He was tugging away furiously and it looked quite uncomfortable. It was quite disappointing and I’m not sure why the sender was so proud of it if I’m honest.

In the days when I was single and the recipient of a dick pic there was no snap chat or whats app so the owner of said dick actually had to send it via picture message which must have cost a few pence. Ahh those were the days. But at least it did cost them, money and their dignity.

The thing is, I didn’t like getting them,  and I certainly didn’t reciprocate. I remember how exciting it was to get a text from someone you fancy, analysing every little detail, how many kisses there were, what did he mean by such and such.  That was quite fun.  And then you’d get the picture message with a photo of his cock in all it’s technicolour glory. Veins an’ all. Lovely. Usually accompanied by a comment like “this is for you later” or “you make me rock hard”. 

Now, let me tell you something.  I’ve had my moments.  I’m the mother of two children, the first of which I had when I was 34 and I’ve been married and divorced so I’ve seen a bit of life. Nice boys don’t send you photos of their cock. I know we don’t all want a nice boy but, if you’re looking for a relationship, a bloke that sends you a photo of his cock within a few days of meeting you has likely done it several times before.  You may be in a relationship and send each other naughty pics to while away the days and that is your prerogative.  I’m talking about guys you’ve just met. These days even guys you’ve never met.  The Internet has a lot to answer for.  I wouldn’t mind if they warned you but they don’t. You open up a message and BANG! There it is! It’s the electronic equivalent of opening your front door to  some bloke you hardly know with his pants round his ankles pointing at his junk sneering “there you go, Love”

So boys, if you like a girl maybe ask her if she’d like a photo of your cock before she opens up a message in front of dear old Granny.  And girls, if he sends you a dick pic within minutes of meeting online you can bet your bottom dollar he’s only after one thing.  If that’s what you’re after too then fine but don’t say I didn’t warn you.  

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