Dinosaurs in the Wild – A review

Everyone loves dinosaurs these days, right?

On Sunday we went to the latest dinosaur attraction Dinosaurs in the Wild. Luckily for us it was just a train and tube ride to the O2, then about a 15 minute walk to the building that contains the ‘research facility’. It is well signposted and there are dinosaur footprints on the path so you know you are heading in the right direction.

I’ll be honest I really wasn’t sure what to expect from the 70 minute Dinosaurs in the Wild adventure

Although friends of mine had already visited their posts didn’t give too much away, and nor will I as it will spoil the illusion! I’ll try and give enough away to whet your appetite but not enough to spoil it should you go.

Dinosaurs in the Wild is really aimed at children of about the same age as Big L I would say, so seven or thereabouts

There were plenty of families there with babies up to pre-teens. I was concerned it would be too much for Little L but that wasn’t the case at all, that said I am not sure how much he actually got out of it. Let’s assume he tolerated it! You can’t take pushchairs through though (you leave them in a secure buggy park) – worth noting that.

The Incidental family sporting the “safety glasses”

As you approach the building you’d be forgiven for thinking it looks unremarkable

You enter into a reception area with a cloakroom and buggy park. There is also a little cafe area and toilets. We were very early but were squeezed onto the earlier slot. It was a bit of a hurry as toilet breaks were required but we made it, just. The man on the door got a bit huffy but a seven year old’s bladder waits for no man.

You then have a photo taken for purchase purposes later and then you’re off (we didn’t buy ours – they are a tenner and I’m tight).

Big L listening to the safety briefing

A safety briefing and the instruction to wear the safety glasses provided when told to protect your eyes from UV rays of time travel…these are in fact 3D glasses and another reason littlies might not get the most out of it as they won’t keep the damn things on!

You are then transported back millions of years to the time of the dinosaurs!

I have to say the whole experience was fantastic. It is billed as

“completely unique as it combines state-of-the art animatronics with 3D digital effects in a live-action show”

And it didn’t disappoint! It was so well thought out and is science based so it is factual as well as fun. There is plenty for children to get hands on with, a bit of gore, poo to feel, eggs to watch hatch and plenty to keep adults amused. There are parts that some children might find scary but it was tongue in cheek enough for them to understand it isn’t real. The actors obviously really enjoy their roles too.

A Dr performing an autopsy on a dinosaur

Dinosaurs in the Wild runs right through the summer holidays up until 2nd September so if you want to go you need to act fast! You can book tickets directly via the website here or I have seen some deals on Groupon so worth checking there.

*We were provided tickets free of charge but we did pay for our own travel and lunch afterwards (well it was a treat – have I mentioned that I’m tight?!)



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