i-TOP the electric spinning top game for all the family

There are few games we enjoy playing as a family

We were sent 3 of the i-top electric spinning tops by . I’ll be honest, I didn’t have high hopes but within minutes we were all hooked! How can a simple spinning top keep us entertained for so long?

The i-TOPS come in six different colours

We were sent green, red and blue. The idea is for each family member to have their own. Not only to avoid squabbling but so you can track your progress. You can compare notes at the end of the day. You can also reset them using the reset button should you wish.

Our three i-TOPS

There is more than one aim to the game

You can challenge each other in several ways:

  1. See who can get the highest score
  2. How many 99 challenge stars you can get
  3. Find the hidden icons
  4. Not a challenge but the i-top even acts as a compass

The first challenge is fairly easy

You just have to be the best spinner. Monsieur Incidental has the best wrist action by far – say no more. He also worked out how to cheat, you can keep spinning the top if you keep the momentum going

The second challenge takes some skill

You have to stop the i-TOP when it hits 99 spins. If you manage it you get a star and an animation appears. If you do it twice in a row you get another star and a different animation appears and so on. The first animation is a boat, I won’t spoil the surprise for the others. The most we managed was 4 in a row – again this award goes to Monsieur Incidental

The third challenge takes A LOT of skill

For this one you have to stop the i-TOP at different numbers to show an animation. For instance 214 gives you a heart and cupids arrow (St. Valentine’s Day), 314 gives you the symbol for pi…


What we thought of the i-TOP

The i-TOP retail at £14.99 each from all good retailers. While I wouldn’t go out and buy three in one go I certainly wouldn’t mind buying one at a time. They are great fun – in fact Monsieur Incidental is playing with his while I type this (and the kids are in bed!). The i-TOP is a great way to while away a few hours, especially on a rainy day. They’re also small enough to pop into a pocket so would make a great game in an airport or some such. Be warned though, they do get quite competitive.

I was sent the i-TOPs for freeeee for purposes of this review. As always all thoughts are my own.

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