I’ve fallen out of love with my home

We’ve lived here seven years but I’ve fallen out of love with my home.  This was mine and Monsieur Incidental’s first house together. Both our children were conceived in this house (sorry if that’s too much information but I won’t go into more detail – unless you really want me to), this house was the first house our babies came to after they left hospital. We’ve celebrated many birthdays and several Christmas , Rudolph ate his carrots and Father Christmas ate Mince Pies leaving talcum powder magic dust on the carpet.  My children have played in paddling pools in the garden summer, watched birds building nests in the spring, kicked leaves in the autumn and thrown snowballs in the winter.  I’ll miss this house. But, I’ve fallen out of love with it.

A few weeks ago we got a call out of the blue that the landlord wanted the house back and was giving us 2 months notice.  My heart sank.  I’d be lying if I said we hadn’t been looking around for a new house ourselves, a fair bit has gone wrong in the property and the landlord was very reluctant to have anything done, asking us to contribute to the cost of repairs on more than one occasion.  We’d had enough but were taking our time to find the right place for our little family. This took matters out of our hands.  To make things worse I had two operations in May and have another scheduled this week and our current landlord has not been accommodating with ending our tenancy early. What I didn’t realise is that once you are out of contract your landlord can give you notice at any time during the month but you, as the tenant, have to stick to your rental date.  Therefore, your landlord can give you notice a day after you pay your rent and effectively get an extra month from you.  Guess what our landlord did…

The day we were given notice I rang around asking about our options, I also went online and found a couple of properties to view. They were both larger and the rental more than we are currently paying but I thought “sod it, let’s look anyway”. The following day we walked the couple of hundred yards to the two houses.  We immediately liked them both and decided to put in an offer.  On the Monday morning I called the agents and put in a cheeky offer of the same as we are paying now.  To my surprise it was accepted!

Anyone that has rented knows the ins and outs of the fees, referencing, admin, deposit the money pit is never-ending.  The fact that our landlord won’t let us out of our tenancy early is costing us a fortune.  Our new landlord has been patient but has given us a date they want us to start the tenancy but it leaves us paying rent on two houses for three weeks. When I asked our current landlord if she’d consider letting us out of our tenancy, even one week early she said it was too short notice.

Let’s consider the facts:- We were given the two months Section 21 notice 14th June.  She was asked for a reference on 19th June. She refused to give a reference as she hadn’t visited the property, eventually after a bit of prodding she asked if her mother could view. “Of course! Tomorrow?” No the following Monday by which time over a week had passed.  Then she said we’d given too short notice to be let out of our tenancy early.  Seriously?! A friend of mine, a property owner and landlord himself heard about our issues and messaged me “If you were my tenant, not only would I let you go early but I’d pay you to leave” it turns out he’s currently £6,000 into court fees attempting to evict his tenants.  But yeah, our landlord thinks we’re unreasonable.

So the upshot is I’ve fallen out of love with this house.  This house that has seen us through good times and bad.  Babies, operations, recuperation, parties, barbecues, arguments, making up, having fun.  Or first family home. It’s a shame it had to end like this but it’s time to move on to the next chapter.

To be continued…



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