You would be forgiven if you thought that Schleich only made animal figures – because I did! It wasn’t until I was asked to review the new Eldrador Creatures that I found out. I guess it comes from having children of a certain age, and boys at that! The story behind the Eldrador Creatures is that they each come from a different source – lava, ice, stone or water and they are all searching for the Super Weapon. There are currently twelve Eldrador Creatures on sale along with a pack that will be available from September this year – and Big L is eager forRead More →

Everyone loves dinosaurs these days, right? On Sunday we went to the latest dinosaur attraction Dinosaurs in the Wild. Luckily for us it was just a train and tube ride to the O2, then about a 15 minute walk to the building that contains the ‘research facility’. It is well signposted and there are dinosaur footprints on the path so you know you are heading in the right direction. I’ll be honest I really wasn’t sure what to expect from the 70 minute Dinosaurs in the Wild adventure Although friends of mine had already visited their posts didn’t give too much away, and nor will IRead More →

This is a bit of an ‘idiot’s guide’ to the cameras on Samsung Galaxy S9 and Huawei P20 Pro 2. I’m not particularly techy but I know what I like! When I renewed my contract with my current provider I was offered both phones for the same monthly price so this is kind of a like for like comparison budget wise. Unfortunately I didn’t have them both at the same time so I can’t offer a direct photograph comparison but, them’s the breaks It turns out being a blogger isn’t just writing a load of words and throwing them into the ether You also haveRead More →

I’ve had enough! Scrolling through Instagram with all it’s perfect families in perfect houses with perfect bodies. There is a photo of a slim twenty-something looking ever-so-pleased with herself. There she is with her perfect body, face made up, wearing clothes from a store that probably doesn’t go up to my size. Wow! She looks great! Good for her. Hang on! Back. The. Fuck. Up. #bodypositivity  WHAT? Oooh no! You DO NOT get to do that. Do not jump on MY bandwagon. Now, I have no doubt that slim people have confidence issues and I am not undermining that BUT as Cora Harrington Tweeted YouRead More →

There are few games we enjoy playing as a family We were sent 3 of the i-top electric spinning tops by . I’ll be honest, I didn’t have high hopes but within minutes we were all hooked! How can a simple spinning top keep us entertained for so long? The i-TOPS come in six different colours We were sent green, red and blue. The idea is for each family member to have their own. Not only to avoid squabbling but so you can track your progress. You can compare notes at the end of the day. You can also reset them using the reset buttonRead More →

I have a huge love of nature When life is getting me down I try to get out for a walk at our local nature reserve. As soon as I get there I find my worries melting away. I recently discovered Nature Wallpaper I have been introduced to nature wallpaper from and it is a thing of beauty. Imagine decorating a whole room, or even just a feature wall with your favourite nature scene? Trees, a waterfall, a safari – there are even penguins if that’s your thing! May favourite is here: I love this wallpaper because it reminds me of my favourite place I haveRead More →

It is almost a year to the day since we moved to our new house Little L has had his own room since then and we hadn’t got round to really making it his own. I was over the moon when Stickerscape asked if we could work together. Of course I jumped at the chance and chose a beautiful set of Dinosaur wall stickers. Little L has a bit of a thing for dinosaurs Being the younger brother he is quite lucky in that he can play with his big brother’s vast toy collection which includes model dinosaurs ROAR! He is a bit dino crazy, soRead More →

What does the colour of your bedroom say about you? Our house is rented and decorated by our landlord. However, that does not mean we cannot stamp our personality in the bedroom. We moved a year ago! I’m so glad we did because we have a bigger house for the same rent. It is also much more tastefully decorated. Our old bedroom had yellow walls and an orange carpet – YUCK! This house is decorated the same throughout, with muted grey tones on the walls, white ceilings and *shock horror* cream carpets (I’m not a fan of a cream carpet I have to admit theRead More →

NEE NAW NEE NAW!! That is the sound Little L makes while playing with the Brio Light and Sound Fire Truck. He LOVES it! He takes the little fireman figures out of their spot in the truck, grabs the hose, hoists up the ladder and puts out imaginary fires. When the fire is out you can wind the yellow button on the top, reel in the hose and the firepeople can go back to the fire station for a rest before the next emergency! I always associated Brio with wooden train sets like the Brio Classic Train we reviewed recently It is the usual good qualityRead More →

For years I fell into the trap of “mummy guilt” Were we doing enough? Did I play with them enough? Were we going out enough? Did they get enough exercise? Were they being ‘socialised’? The mummy guilt was strong! Well, do you know what? Fuck that shit! I was 34 when I had Big L. I had big plans on how he would be raised. I would be a gentle parent, I hoped to home school (yes I still have an urge to do that, he’s 7 now – there’s still time, right?) he would attend a forest preschool and so on and so forth.Read More →