I’m on the train on my way home from a birthday meal. I’m now a 41-year-old woman and a size 20/22. Please make yourself comfortable while I tell you the story of a 16-year-old girl who was a size 16 and convinced she was grotesque. I remember vividly wanting to look different. To be thinner. To look like the models in the magazines. I loved fashion and used to buy Clothes Show magazine and watch the TV show every Sunday. Do you remember it? Caryn Franklin, Selina Scott and Jeff Banks used to host it. It was very glamorous. It was the 90s and heroinRead More →

Studies have shown that getting a good night’s sleep is difficult for many adults in the UK. It is even more difficult for adults trying to get to sleep in the hospital.   If you suffer from a chronic illness and need to spend a lot of time in hospital, sleeping masks can really help. Bright, or even dim lights in wards make it very challenging for patients to get the rest they need for recovery.  In this post I will cover some of the best sleeping masks in the market so you don’t need to do the research. Sleep Master Eye Mask This sleeping maskRead More →

Like a trench, a biker is a timeless and ever-current garment. However, it’s viewed by many women as a wardrobe staple, but by others as an edgy and controversial piece of clothing. But why is this? Unfortunately, there’s a common misconception that a biker jacket should only be worn by younger women. But a biker can be worn with style at any age – it’s not something that should be discarded just because you’re no longer 30. So, before you write off your biker jacket, or if you’ve been considering investing in one – Belstaff have some amazing bikers – here’s how to wear aRead More →

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In case it has escaped your notice Mother’s Day is fast approaching. As usual I have left this guide until the last minute…unless you’re reading this after 11th March 2018 in which case I’m early – you’re welcome! I decided to create a list of things other than personalised tea towels, teapots and books because, well, I don’t want tea towels, teapots or books and I’m sure I’m not alone. What I would REALLY like is a night out on the tiles and a day off to suffer a hangover in peace but that isn’t going to happen so without further ado feast your eyesRead More →

So ladies, the Jade Goody effect has worn off and less eligible ladies are having their smear. This is frankly ridiculous. I won’t lecture you. You know what could happen. You could ultimately die from something that could be prevented. If your smear is due, book an appointment, go and see the nice nurse, whip your knickers off, lie back and think of England. But before you do let me regale you with a tale of one of my smears: Let me set the scene, this was pre-children, pre-losing my dignity – these days I’d whip my knickers off and let the Tesco delivery manRead More →