Simba Hybrid Mattress Original Review

We were sent the Simba Hybrid Mattress for this review – all opinions are our own. Photos from

So, you are looking for a new mattress? If you are considering a Simba Mattress then you can read on for our Simba Hybrid Mattress Original review 

Looking for a new mattress is a bit of a minefield. These days there are so many to choose from and, as a lot are available online, you can’t always test them out first. A new mattress can be a huge outlay (if you pardon the pun) as a decent mattress can set you back over a thousand pound, especially if you have a super king size bed. What can I say, we like to be able to stretch out!

Delivery of our super king size Simba Hybrid Mattress Original

So, in all honesty this didn’t quite go to plan. It was due to be delivered on a Thursday, we had a confirmation email to say as much and to let us know that we would receive further confirmation on the morning of delivery from the carriers with a 4 hour time slot. Thursday morning came and there was no email. 

I popped on to the Simba online chat and a very helpful customer services representative advised that it was due to be delivered on the following day, Friday if you hadn’t guessed. Friday didn’t work for us so I asked if we could rearrange for after the weekend, this was no problem at all.

The morning of delivery we received an email with our 4 hour time slot as well as a link which enables you to keep track of the delivery drivers and narrows down the time slot. The delivery drivers called half an hour before delivery too, which was really helpful.

On arrival we were pleasantly surprised how small the box was, considering it contained a 6ft x 6ft6 mattress! This was handy as we couldn’t put it on out bed for a couple of days due to waiting for our old mattress collection, no one wants their manky old mattress outside their house for too long, do they?

Installation of your new Simba Hybrid Mattress

You are instructed to give your new Simba Hybrid Mattress at least 6 hours to do its thing, by this I mean expand, so we decided to get it ready first thing one morning. Being a hybrid mattress it is a combination of both springs and foam – the best of both worlds!

Simba Hybrid Mattress Review

We opened the box and put the unrolled mattress on the bed base. It was wrapped twice in plastic wrapping. The first unraveled the mattress so we could place it the correct way round.The second layer is the exciting one as it is vacuum packed, when you cut into it it immediately starts to suck air in and expand!

Our first nights sleep on our Simba Hybrid Mattress Original

The first thing I noticed about the mattress was that, although quite firm, the mattress is nice and springy. You won’t fail to notice that there is a “chemical” smell, we kept our bedroom windows open for the day which helped and the smell is supposed to go after about 24 hours.

I have to be honest, I didn’t sleep well and woke up achy, then I remembered that the following morning we had dragged our previous mattress down a flight of stairs and into the front garden which explained the aches and pains – I am getting on a bit you know! Monsieur Incidental slept like a baby, but then he usually does!

What do we think about the Simba Hybrid Mattress Original after a few nights?

We both agree that the mattress is a lot cooler than our previous one, which is nice, especially as we are both quite hot sleepers. I am still adjusting to the mattress, but apparently it can take up to 30 nights to adjust to a new mattress. It’s not that I don’t sleep well, it’s just different! Monsieur Incidental is having no such problems though, I suspect I am just over sensitive!

I can still smell a faint chemical smell but I think that might be because it has transferred to the bedding as I noticed that my nightie that was left on the bed smelt like the mattress did away from the bedroom. I think after a bedding change the chemical smell will go, it’s only been a couple of nights, give me a chance!

All in all we are happy with our Simba Hybrid Mattress Original.

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