The Game of Things – a great alternative party game

Let me set the scene. You’ve made the most amazing home cooked, three course meal, all locally sourced organic food. You paired it perfectly with wine, hell you even made the dessert and didn’t buy it from Marks & Spencer. The company is fantastic, you are the hostess with the mostess. You tell witty anecdotes of the time you were a croupier on a cruise ship and the celebrities you worked with. Then dinner ends, what to do?

Out comes The Game of Things. This is not your usual run of the mill after dinner game, it’s no charades, oh no – it’s much more than that.

What’s in the box?

Inside the rather nice wooden box are:

2 packs of 150 topic cards – 300 in total

1 response pad

1 score pad

8 pencils

The Game of Things is for 4 or more players, it states 14 years or older but in fairness you can play with younger children – just take out any cards that might be inappropriate and remember that your answers should probably be a bit more tame.

One person is nominated as Reader of the cards and another as Score Keeper. It would be wise to remember that the Reader may recognise any writing so write in block capitals to avoid any inadvertent cheating.

The cards are laid face down on the table and a card is picked by the Reader who reads it out loud to the players.  The cards are varied some say things like:

“THINGS that prove you are in a bad restaurant”

“THINGS  a cow thinks about when a farmer milks it”

“THINGS you shouldn’t do in a car”

“THINGS you would do if you had super-human powers”

To be honest I have a fair old imagination and may have lost friends over some of my answers but there you go.

Everyone, including the reader then writes a response. There are no right or wrong “answers” you can be funny, outrageous or boring. The aim of the game is for the players to guess who wrote which response. You can therefore write down responses you think a fellow player would write to throw people off the scent.

You then go round the group to try and guess who wrote which, starting with the player to the left of the Reader. If the person guesses correctly then the response sheet is given back to that payer and they are out of that round. This continues until the last payer is matched to their response.

You can imagine that after that lovely meal and all the wine that was consumed this results in hilarity, indignation and downright cheating. I’m not sure how you make people own up to their answers but we found that thumb screws and waterboarding helped.

I would highly recommend The Game of Things as a great game to play with friends – although you may not be friends by the end of it. It is available from Amazon here and currently retails at £32.99

I was sent Game of Things free for the purposes of this review but all thoughts etc etc are my own.

PS The dinner party never happened. I may or may not have been a croupier on a cruise ship (I wasn’t…or was I?)


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