6 top tips when negotiating your broadband package

One thing we cannot live without now is Broadband

We use it more than ever before. It’s not just your computer any more, it’s tablets, games consoles and your television.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV and the likes are huge in households these days with lots of people moving away from “live” television in favour of downloadable content. In fact we are seriously considering ditching the Sky TV package that we’ve had for 9 years! I mean, who doesn’t want to watch Paw Patrol, on a roll, for hours on end (do you see what I did there?).

We have fibre here and get a fairly decent discount. This is because every year, when our contract runs out, I call to arrange another discount.

Here are my top tips to ensure you are getting the right deal for you:

Check which broadband providers are in your area

You might see deals advertised but they might not actually provide broadband in your area. It’s just a case of popping your postcode in et voila! A list will magically appear to show you which broadband providers are available to you. 

Check your broadband requirements

We have fibre, which comes at a price, but for casual browsing it’s not a necessity. We like the fact that it’s quicker for both uploads and downloads. Monsieur Incidental is a bit of a gamer too so it’s good for that.

Check there are no usage caps. A lot of the deals out there may seem to be too good to be true for a very good reason! If you use the internet a lot check it is “truly unlimited”. You don’t want to get what looks to be a good deal only to get a nasty surprise bill at the end of the first month. 

Compare the deals on offer from all the broadband providers 

Use a comparison site for broadband providers. You can put in your home details and requirements and it will pick out the best offers for you. Not only will it show you the best deals per month but also if there are any incentives. Also check customer reviews. Some may seem great but if they offer a poor service then they aren’t worth bothering with.

Broadband deals with incentives

Cashback sites offer some really good cashback deals if you sign up through them. You can get cuddly toys and cinema tickets and whatnot too. So it’s not just the monthly fee that you need to take into consideration. If you can get a good deal with for instance £100 cashback, that’s not to be sniffed at.

Broadband package deals

Lots of companies offer packages now that will also include your home phone, TV, mobile phone and so on. It is certainly something worth considering. In fact my mum just got a superb deal on a mobile phone sim with her broadband provider

Keep an eye on your broadband anniversary

At the end of your contract chances are your bill will go up. Don’t be afraid to renegotiate but go in armed! Check what other providers are offering and tell your current provider you want them to at least match it – that’s what I do!

I hope this list is of some help. Let me know if there is anything you would add



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