Christmas Homecoming: 7 Ideas to Make Family Pastime with College Kids Real Fun

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There is less and less time left till New Year and Christmas. The mood of the holiday is in the air, so it is perfect time to reflect on pastime with your loved ones. 

This holiday is awaited by children and adults, which is not surprising because everything is imbued with the atmosphere of the holiday. 

In this article, you will find some ideas on how to create that Christmas spirit and put a smile on everyone’s face. 

Christmas berries


Secret Santa

There is one fascinating Christmas tradition, that will delight anyone – Secret Santa. In a large family, everyone pulls a piece of paper with the name of a person for whom one will become a Secret Santa. 

When you open a gift, you should guess who your Mysterious Santa is. The children will appreciate the intrigue and fun of exchanging presents. Here are some simple steps to play the traditional Secret Santa game:

  • write down the names of all family members on paper;
  • put papers in a hat or a box;
  • plan a party when you will exchange gifts;
  • guess who your Mysterious Santa is.

Outdoor Fun

If you’re lucky enough to see snow on a Christmas Day, it is a great opportunity to organize different winter amusements in the open air with children. If there is a lot of snow, you can go on a sleigh ride, ice skating or snowshoeing. 

If you have hills or mountains nearby, there are even more possibilities: sledging, skiing or snowboarding. This is a good idea if you want just to fool around and have a lot of fun with your loved ones. 

But don’t forget that the most important thing for all students before vacation is to complete all the boring tasks in college. In case you don’t want to spend time on research, there are many opportunities to delegate the tasks. 

Yet, beware, mane credible platforms like EssayPro claim that they get the largest amount of orders just before Christmas. Be sure to make an order in advance! This way, you will be able to enjoy your holiday in peace and without worry.

TV Specials Marathon

When it gets dark and cold outside, it’s nice to wrap yourself up in a warm blanket, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and watch a Christmas special on TV. 

For Christmas, the TV program on any channel includes many children’s films and cartoons. Some of the favourite ones are shown from year to year: “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, “Frosty the Snowman” and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”. 

In addition, many series traditionally make a special Christmas episode.

Christmas Carolling

Make a new family tradition this year and organize Christmas carolling with lots of fun and holiday spirit! 

Groups of singers go from house to house, knock on doors, and sing Christmas songs. Sometimes they also raise money for charity. This is a great way to involve children in doing something great. 

Carolling can be combined with going on a hayride, a traditional American winter fun. Singers sit on a huge haystack, ride and sing carols. In the end, there is always a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows for everyone!

Decorations Matter

Americans really love decorating their homes before the holidays. The list of Christmas decorations to make with children includes a wide variety. 

Children love being in the centre of the action, so they will be engaged in the process with great pleasure. A common decoration is Christmas stocking. 

These stockings – or rather stocking bags – are hanged by the fireplace if it is present in the house. The idea is that Santa Claus will come down the chimney and leave toys and sweets in the stockings for children. But only if they behaved well during the year!

Christmas Market

If there is one thing that will plunge you and your children into the Christmas mood, these are beautifully decorated streets and buildings. 

The decorations are thought through to the smallest details! Besides, there should always be a beautiful Christmas tree, that is a must. 

Also, you can go ice skating on the outdoor skating rink, and buy a lot of Christmas stuff. 

Cookie Exchange Party 

Cookie exchange party is a good idea to have fun and enjoy something sweet with your family and friends. Children will be excited to bake and decorate some homemade cookies and then get awards for the prettiest and unique ones. 

You can also set up a table with plain cookies, prepare different toppings and engage guests in this Christmas party activity. 

Small Christmas Tree


Wrapping Up

Get together on Christmas with your family! And get your family party rocking. 

Have yourself a Merry Christmas and share the experience with loved ones!

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