Do you need a car?

Many of us learn to drive while we are still teenagers. Living at home without any responsibilities. But, for those of us that didn’t, or that have been managing without a car up until now, it can be hard to know if you really need one or not. Car owners and those that have always driven will tell you that they could never be without theirs. But, do you need one? Or could you happily manage without? If you are considering buying a car for your family, here are some of the questions that you might want to ask yourself.

How’s the School Run?

For many parents of young children, the school run is the bane of their day. If you live close to school, it might just be a case of bundling everyone up and walking the short distance to the playground twice a day. But, if you live further away, or find yourself in the impossible situation of having two kids in different schools, braving public transport in rush hour traffic can be hellish. Especially when the weather is bad. Ask yourself if owning a car would make the school run significantly easier, but remember, you’d still spend time in the same traffic.

Can You Afford it?

Cars can be expensive. There’s no denying that. If you can’t already drive, the lessons that you need can be extortionate. can be a massive help, but there’s still tax, fuel and the cost of the car itself to consider.

But, it might be worth asking yourself how much more expensive than relying on public transport and ubers it would be. Especially as your children get older and you have to start buying them weekly passes too. If you can afford it, is the extra expense worth it for convenience and time saved? Check out this calculator for help

Do You Go Out in the Winter?

When the sun is shining, we’re good. We go out for family walks, we brave the bus, and we go on fun days together. Then, winter hits and the idea of wrapping everyone up in hats, scarves, and gloves and braving the weather is too much to bear. Suddenly, we’re spending most of our weekends inside in the warm.

Would you go out as a family more often if you had a car, and you didn’t have to brave the elements to get places?

What Would You Use It For?

Be realistic, if you owned a car, what would you use it for? Would you visit family more? Or go on fun holidays in the countryside? Or, would you just use it to pop to the shops? Be honest with yourself about how much use you’d actually get out of a car before spending a fortune.

How Would You Cope Without One in an Emergency?

It’s often in an emergency that a car comes into its own. If a family member was sick, how would you get to them? When you need to pick the kids up early, how to do get to school? Could a car make coping in an emergency much easier for your family?

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