Happy 1st bloggiversary to me!

It’s my bloggiversary! June 12th was the day “Erica says it is what it is” was born. My little blog. My little online sanctuary where I could rant and rave and hopefully make people feel a little bit better about themselves and make them laugh.

In January 2017 I underwent an identity crisis, I went self hosted which basically means I bought my own domain name and website and changed my name to the incidental parent. It seemed fitting as there is so much more to my life than being a parent and I didn’t want to just blog about parenthood.

During the past year quite a lot has happened both personally and blog-gy. My little blog has grown, not to mammoth proportions but I’m proud of it. I’ve made some lovely blog-gy friends and found that the blogging community can be incredibly supportive but there are also unwritten “rules” that I’m still finding my way with – trust me you don’t want to piss this lot off!

I’m most proud of my posts that generate discussion. My posts about Crohn’s disease have found their way to people who have thanked me for being so frank and open about Crohn’s and said the things they were thinking.  My post about (not so) Gentle parents made both mums on facebook and mums at the school gates stop me to say how much they could relate to it. That’s what makes writing worthwhile.

Moving on to my personal life I’ve not written much lately as I’ve been poorly. I update my Facebook page regularly so if you miss me I suggest you pop over and like it. I’ve had two operations and it’s looking like I’ll need another.
On my bloggiversary I’m going to meet with my consultant to discuss some new drugs so that’s nice.

We’ve also been given two months notice on the house we’ve rented for the last seven years so we’re desperately looking for another house. We’re approaching it like an adventure for Big L (who’s 6 in just over a week), it’s the only home he’s ever known and he’s a bit sad. We’ve told him we’re moving through choice, 6 year olds don’t need to know these things.

So.  What next for the incidental parent? Well, it’s my 40th birthday this year (I know, I know – good genes) and I’ve got a party planned. Blog wise I’ve asked Monsieur Incidental if he’d like to contribute on an ad hoc basis which he seemed quite interested in.  He’s a geeky gamer so goodness knows what I’ve let myself in for. Having said that he’ll probably just moan about me. We’ll be moving in the near future so expect updates on that.  Plus Crohn’s has flared it’s ugly head so I expect there will be more posts about that too. Big L’s 6th birthday party is next Saturday – that might be comedy gold. I’m also planning on expanding into YouTube territory, be afraid, be very afraid…

Thanks for sticking with me over the past year, I’d love it if you liked my Facebook page, followed me on Twitter and Instagram etc and told your friends about my existence. I’d like to grow my following then maybe branch out to cult leader – aim high, that’s what I always say (it’s not).

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