It’s raining men & women & transexuals & transgender

I’ve ummed and ahhed about writing this post. I have no real experience seeing as I’m heterosexual and certainly don’t want to be condescending. But, I do have an opinion and that’s what this is all about so here goes…

I’m not really one to keep abreast of current affairs (something I intend to remedy) but whilst attempting to get a non sleeping toddler to sleep recently I was browsing Twitter. One Tweet in particular caught my eye. Allow me to enlighten you – On Monday (New Year’s Day) we (me, my mum and Big L – 6 and a half) went to our local pantomime. The fabulous Danny Beard in full drag queen mode (looking better than me might I add) played the mirror in Snow White and Big L was blown away by him. When I asked who his favourite character was he said “you ,might laugh at this, the mirror”. I didn’t laugh Danny was fab-u-lous! Anyway, afterwards I started to stalk follow him on Twitter. Last night he re-tweeted  Katie Hopkins *ugh* (she of the open mind) who had said “I am not transphobic. Live your life how you please. Just don’t ask me to call a castrated man a woman #CBBUK”. This is in reference to India Willoughby being in the “Year of the Woman Celebrity Big Brother House”. I shan’t do the obvious and slag off Katie Hopkins because I don’t want to sink to her level what I will do is put forward my two pennies worth. What I will say though is that she certainly appears to be somewhat threatened by someone who was not born a woman – what does that tell you?

The delightful Ms Hopkins. As enlightened as ever

I’m heterosexual so I cannot claim to have any experience, I did snog my best mate once – I don’t think that counts. I can however empathise as a human being. My best friend is gay, we grew up together and I knew she was gay before she came out in our early twenties. Anecdotally, when she told me she was gay I said “I could have told you that” to which she replied “Why didn’t you?” “it wasn’t my place” I said. She had to figure it out herself, and eventually she did. When people asked me if I was worried she might fancy me my reply was “only as much as I’m worried that every straight man on the planet fancies me” which of course would be understandable – you’ve seen me, right? She got married this year and I was her best bird, a moment I am very proud of.

I have two sons. The aforementioned Big L and Little L who is nearly two. If either of them was to come out as gay or trans would I be upset? Of course not! I just want them to be happy. I’m a feminist. I do not judge people by what they have, had or don’t have between their legs or who they are sexually attracted to. It’s none of my goddam business and, my dear, it’s none of yours. If someone identifies as a woman or a man then that is a-ok with me. Crikey there are a whole plethora of transgender women that I identify with a hell of a lot more than Ms Hopkins.

I am not a liberal parent, I am human. We are all humans living in our different bodies with our differing opinions, quirks, attractions. The sooner we embrace our differences and similarities the sooner we can all just get along with living.

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