Let’s hear it for the boys

I love boys! I’ve always loved boys! I swear like a sailor and drink like a fish (or I used to)

I need to get something out of the way from the get go. I am a feminist. I know, I know. A few of you are rolling your eyes SO HARD right now.

Fem-in-ist This conjures up images of all sorts, but if you’d pull your head out of your arse a minute I will explain. Women get a bum deal. We do. It’s a well known fact. We get paid less. We are damned if we have children and damned if we don’t. I don’t think women are better than men. I just want an equal footing.

But blaming all men is not the way forward

Some men played their part in the discrimination of women right up until this point. But my sons did not and blaming all men for the acts of those in the past is downright ludicrous. My father was an out and out twat but I don’t think that all men are like that. In fact his behaviour taught me that all men AREN’T the same.

Before I had children I was kind of one of the lads. I have male friends and have a certain sense of humour – crude and inappropriate. At the end of a night out I would listen to their problems. I have always been a bit of an agony aunt.

It turns out boys have a lot going on inside those noggins of theirs

There is a lot of conflicting stuff going on. I already see it in my 7 year old and it pains me. They are told boys don’t cry. Grow a set of balls.

You know what? Go fuck yourself because boys and men have feelings too. And bottling them up is bad news. Suicide is the highest killer in men under 50. That figure scares me. It scares me for the future of my sons.

Having had two children I noticed the amount of support for women but none, or very little, for men.

Friends of mine scoff at post natal depression in men. And yes, I agree that they don’t have the same shift in hormones that women do. But come on. They have to adjust to having another little human in their lives too.

They feel the mental and financial burden. And they even get fat… True story. They watch their partner go through unimaginable changes then, if they’re lucky, they witness the birth. I have to say I’d be hard pressed to find someone attractive after seeing that, but there you go – that was tongue in cheek before I’m lynched

Fathers are fantastic

As I have mentioned mine wasn’t, at least not to me, but others are.

We need more hands-on fathers in touch with their feelings to bring up the next generation. None of this “real man” bullshit. Idiots like Piers Morgan saying than a man carrying a child in a carrier is emasculating – you know, that sort of bollocks. Hands-on father-figures showing boys that having feelings and nurturing is normal, this is how we will get equality.

Boys are amazing creatures, if we could just stop and listen. I want equal rights but that goes for men too. Of course there are some prize dickheads out there, but there are some right fannies too.

This is dedicated the the fabulous men in my life. You know where I am if you ever want to talk.


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