Playing outdoors and why it’s important

I love my kids, I really do, but they NEED to play outdoors for the sake of my sanity if not theirs 

My two boys are very different. Big L, who is nearly 8, would happily stay indoors all day but Little L, who is just 3 HAS to get outside.

For his third birthday we bought Little L a large, wooden, sandpit which gets daily use – the only problem with it is the house is now like a holiday home with sand everywhere. A small price to pay for keeping him entertained in the garden though.

Big L had a sand and water play table when he was little. He loved it and it had regular use but after a visit to Godstone Farm we thought a large sandpit big enough for both boys was the way to go as they spent most of the day in it! 

Both boys love the sandpit

Every morning Little L packs up his dinosaur and animal figures into a bucket and takes them out with him. I have to give him a bucket of water too so he can bury the dinosaurs then wash them off – I blame YouTube for that. 

Each figure in turn is buried, then uncovered and washed as he tells us it’s name “giraffe, elephant, tyrannosaurus rex”. You get the picture.

Both Ls happily spend most of the day out there, popping in and out. Digging holes, building sand castles and destroying them. Then squabbling over the buckets. It’s good for my sanity as it means I can leave them to it to a certain extent too.

We are very lucky we have a back garden big enough for a sandpit but it isn’t large enough for a swing or decent slide. I’d love a wooden climbing frame for them, but we just don’t have the room. 

For those kinds of adventures we take a trip to the local playground

The local playground equipment has recently had a revamp. The equipment (that has been there since I was a child) had a much needed lick of paint and there is the addition of a nest swing. The two Ls loved the nest swing  as you can see.

Big L is more of a dare devil than his older brother, the influence of having an older sibling I suspect, and shot up the tall slide. They were both up and down that and on the nest swing for a good half hour or so.

Not only is it good for them to get away from the television or tablet for some fresh air, but it’s good exercise and it’s good for the soul to see them running around playing.

Getting outdoors also aids a good nights sleep for my two boys. They eat well in the evening, have a bath and settle to sleep more quickly. Which makes for happy parents in my book.

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