Supermarket car parks and why I hate them

Love ’em or hate ’em we have to use ’em.  Supermarket car parks.  Which genius designed them I do not know!  Every time I use them I drive past swathes of empty disabled parking spaces (don’t get me wrong I don’t begrudge these I just don’t understand why they are always half empty).  I drive to the parent and child parking and if I’m lucky I find a space.  I get out of my car and look for a trolley.  Nope the trolley collector has been far too effing efficient.  I get the bags out of the boot because, you know, the environment isn’t gonna save itself. I get Little L out of his car seat, heave my handbag over my free shoulder and walk however far it is to the front of the store to where the trolleys are kept. It truly is a sight to behold.

Now.  Kids are heavy, if you have a baby in a car seat you can add on a good couple of kilos.  Dragging my sorry arse across the car park is bad enough without adding a child and possibly car seat.  Why don’t supermarkets leave a few trolleys by the parent and child bays? If a supermarket exec reads this please, for the love of all that is good and holy leave a few trolleys about.

Next.  People who park in parent and child bays sans (that means without for the non French speakers out there) child.  Yes we do have a god given right to the spaces, we had kids.  If you want to use the parent and child space borrow a kid (I’m not suggesting you kidnap one you understand, that’s a step too far just to legitimately bag a slightly larger parking space), otherwise piss off to the normal spaces.  You may have a large car with big doors.  Learn to park it or buy a smaller one you twat.

And another thing.  If I cannot find a parent and child space the I have to park in…shock horror…normal spaces.  If I do this I usually give myself extra room so I can get my toddler in and out without bashing the granny out of the car next to me.  May I suggest when you park in a car park you have a quick glance in the back of the car next to you to make sure you’re not parking right next to someone who needs to get their child in.  I recently returned to this….

Two cars parked too close together

It might not look close but I couldn’t open the sodding door!

Now I didn’t have my children with me at the time (although the seats were in the back as they always are) but I did have to enter my car through the passenger door and crawl over to the drivers side.  Narrowly avoiding mating with the gearstick.  This was while I was still recovering from my recent operation and caused quite a lot of discomfort on my part so the owner of this car was subject to several different deaths in my mind.  It’s just selfish plain and simple!

And this.  Ladies and gentlefolk is one of the reasons why I have my shopping delivered. I like a good rant please feel free to tell me your tales of car park woe.



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