The ultimate five essentials for a newborn baby – giveaway

Kiddies Kingdom recently asked me to put together a bundle of newborn essentials to give away. Read on for details of the competition…

It’s been a while since I had a newborn, 3 years in fact, so I turned to my lovely Facebook friends on Erica: The Incidental Parent to see what their essentials for a newborn were.

I was actually quite surprised at some of the answers, there were far less gadgets and more practical items. I think once you’ve had a child, or two or even more, you come to realise that a lot of the items suggested for newborns just aren’t necessary. 

I fell into the trap of buying all sorts for my first, half of which was totally unnecessary – a baby bath support was one of them. 

Here are the top five things the Incidental Parenters said were their essentials

Newborn essential number one – A stretchy wrap

Moby Wrap - newborn essential

A stretchy wrap like this one from Moby

I didn’t use a stretchy wrap myself for a lot of reasons but they are a life saver for many parents – yes Dad can use them too! They are fab for bonding, great instead of a pushchair and you can even breastfeed wearing them. 

Newborn essential number two -Muslins

muslins - newborn essential

Newborn essentials – muslins

I’m still using these now and Little L is 3. They are a god send to have around for spills and sticky fingered toddlers. For newborns they are mainly used for poo and sick! Throw one over your shoulder before burping to catch any little vomits. 

Newborn essential number three – A breastfeeding pillow

breastfeeding pillow - newborn essential

A breastfeeding pillow makes for comfortable feeding times

A semi circle firm pillow to pop around your waist while your baby feeds. Simple yet effective and oh so comfortable for those hours where your newborn nurses non stop. It happens. My top tip is to make sure you have your phone charged at all times and the TV remote nearby. Not to mention lots of fluids and a packet of biscuits to hand. Breastfeeding pillows have a multitude of uses too, you can even use the to prop up a sitting baby

Newborn essential number four – A comforter

ewan the dream sheep

A comforter can be a life saver

Our eldest, Big L, took to a comforter quickly and still takes it to bed with him. Our youngest didn’t. His bed is full of stuffed toys though. A comforter can be as simple as a muslin, a blanket or a toy. It can help if you sleep with it first so it smells like you and aids your baby settling. If you get a special toy it can be worth getting two in case one gets lost or for washing

Newborn essential number five – An ear thermometer

braun in ear thermometer

An ear thermometer – a lifesaver!

Everyone agreed that an in ear thermometer was a must. We originally had one that you placed on the forehead but it wasn’t accurate at all. An ear thermometer can be a lifesaver – literally. They are accurate and you don’t even have to wake your baby to use it. We have a Braun one that wasn’t very expensive and has lasted us several years.

This list is by no means exhaustive, in fact if you travel a lot or if your children stay at their grandparents then a baby travel cot from Kiddies Kingdom is a must! In fact we used ours as a play pen in the garden too.

WIN! A Newborn Essentials Bundle from Kiddies Kingdom

Kiddies Kingdom have kindly put together a bundle from our suggestions as follows:

To enter click here (don’t forget to check out my other competitions here)


Newborn essentials bundle

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