I do love a chip but my figure does not. I am attempting to shift a bit of weight at the moment but I don’t do diets. I like to try to eat healthily and up my exercise. Unfortunately at the moment I struggle with exercise which means I can’t burn off the creme egg I might have scoffed at 9.30am so therefore I need to be more careful with what I’m putting in my mouth (if Cadbury’s go into receivership it may or may not be a direct result of my healthy eating). So without further ado I bring you the VonShef Digital Air Fryer!

VonShef Digital Airfryer

Now, I’m going to be honest here it’s an impressive looking beast, it’s sleek and black and it’s pretty big! If you have a small kitchen this appliance is probably not for you unless you have a cupboard to store it in while not in use. Luckily I had a spare square foot on the side to fit it. It has a large digital display which is good for someone with failing eyesight like myself and is fairly easy to work. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. The first time I used it I cut the chips too thick and they weren’t quite done in the middle, I learnt from my mistake though and the next time cut them slightly thinner – still chunky though. They were fab – even the hard-to-please Monsieur Incidental enjoyed them, and he isn’t really a chip fan!

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My home-made chips

The most notable thing for me was that a whole portion of chips that was enough for two adults and two children only requires 1 teaspoon of oil! That’s amazing! Plus you can cook all manner of things in it – I thought they were just for chips (maybe that was just me). They are easy to clean – although you can’t put them in the dishwasher they clean quickly with a sponge and a spot of washing up liquid. So all in all if you want to eat healthily without giving up your chips or other fried foods I would definitely suggest the VonShef digital air fryer. You can purchase it (currently retailing at £54.99) by clicking this handy link

VonShef also sent me a 1000w Ultra Blend smoothie maker but as I already have one I will be giving this away to one lucky reader**! Anna from Me Annie Bee has reviewed it here

You can enter the giveaway for the chance to win the smoothie maker here
VonShef 1000w Smmothie Maker

*The air fryer was sent to me for the purpose of this review but all the views and incessant ramblings are my own

**I was sent the smoothie maker in error so I am giving it away at cost to myself . I accept no responsibility for loss or damage in transit or should the product be faulty (it’s still in the box, unopened) & no alternative is available.




  1. Healthy and a good idea as I am always scared of traditional friers (I blame 80s safety adverts)! This sounds just right.

    1. Author

      I know exactly what you mean – you always needed a damp tea towel just in case! Not for the air fryer, it’s great

  2. Sounds amazing! Perfect for cooking healthy meals for my family without compromising on taste.

    1. Author

      It really is great! So easy and tasty!

  3. I have fancied an air fryer for a while now, as it is healthier, the same with the smoothie maker

    1. Author

      They’re really good! Plus you can use the smoothie maker to crush ice for cocktails 😂

  4. Maybe the best investment I have ever made was the air fryer – even the kids want to help with cooking! It`s super easy to use and you can literally prepare anything with it – and it`s healthy!!

    1. Author

      They really are universal!

    2. Author

      They really are universal!

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