We’ve Taken Our Children Out of School Because of Corona Virus and Here’s Why

Life is pretty screwed up at the moment, isn’t it? Corona Virus or Covid-19 is playing havoc across the globe and no one seems to know what to do for the best.

Here in the UK our government wants us to practice “social distancing” to slow down the spread of the Corona Virus / Covid-19

I kind of get it. Us Brits have a stiff upper lip. Our grandparents lived through the Blitz and we have seen our fair share of pestilence but this really is a worrying time. 

To put you in the picture I have Crohn’s disease. Not only do I have Crohn’s Disease but I am on immunosuppressants, and I am no stranger to pneumonia so, you see, I have my reasons to be anxious about Corona Virus.

My children are 3 and 8 and, while the 8 year old can be trusted to wash his hands at least, 8 year olds are pretty filthy animals. Let’s be honest they burp into each other’s faces – coughing and sneezing is nothing. As for the three year old, well…I mean I can be fairly sure he won’t be touching anything since he has his hands firmly down his undercrackers every minute of the day but that’s hardly a consolation.

I make no bones about the fact that I am no fan of our current government. Frankly, using people like me and the elderly as what can be best described as collateral damage is abhorrent. Yes, there will be casualties but, come on, put something in place to protect the most vulnerable in society, don’t chuck them under the proverbial bus.

I have flitted between emotions this past weekend while discussing Corona Virus, social distancing and self isolation

I have gone from being upset, sad for my children that we are in this position, upset because we are not protected by the powers that be, that because of me they have to miss school and stay at home. And angry, angry at the government for taking this approach and putting my life in danger. Not to mention we don’t know what the long term effects of this will be.

No. I am not a Dr. I am not a scientist but I am also not daft. I have 11 GCSEs goddammit! (And two A-Levels and an NVQ Level 3 in Business Administration)

Monsieur Incidental is French and they are taking Covid-19 far more seriously, closing schools and so on.

Obviously they are worse off with Corona Virus than we are at the moment but that should maybe tell us something? I have seen the graphs of the different countries and their approach. The ones that shut down sooner slowed it down.

We sat down and had a long discussion about it. We spoke to both sets of parents and all agreed that we were safer self isolating. Our French family were due to visit this coming weekend as it is Little L’s forth birthday next week. The hotel and ferry were booked and are now cancelled. I appreciate missing school is not ideal and we did not take this decision lightly. We intend on keeping up with schoolwork as much as possible, at the same time making the most of this extra time as a family. 

The way I look at it what is the worst that can happen if they are off school? We go a bit stir crazy? Maybe we’ll get a fine? But the worst that can happen if the go into school is they could potentially catch the virus and bring it home…  

I appreciate Corona Virus won’t just go away but we need to slow down the peak to aid the NHS be better equipped to deal with it. 

Now, what does need to be said is that I am in the privileged position of working from home, you can thank Crohn’s for that. So I am able to stay at home and look after my children. I am by no means judging anyone who continues to send their children in to school, in the same way as I hope that no one would judge me for taking my child out.

I know some will say “it’s just the flu” or “it’s media hysteria” and I often wonder if that is the case. Am I being influenced by the media? Possibly, but what influences me the most are the countries on lockdown. Those only allowed to leave their houses for essential supplies. Countries where their health service is overloaded, if I can help avoid that then I will. I’ll go against the government to do my bit, and this probably won’t be the last time.



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