The Only Way to Beat a Bad Habit Is to Replace It

Have you ever wondered why it’s SO difficult to break a bad habit? Let’s imagine that you’ve got a bad habit such as smoking, and it’s gotten to a point where you’ve been clinically diagnosed and the doctors tell you that you need to do something about it in order to beat it. They’ll recommend you all sorts of products like patches, chewing gum and so on, but they rarely ever help and there’s one simple problem that prevents them from ever having a 100% success rate.

It’s because you’ve built a reliance on it. Bad habits can also include something like eating too much fast food, but if you’re commuting for 2 hours a day and find no time to cook food at home, then fast food offers a quick fix for hunger no matter how bad you know it is for your body. You can’t expect to just chew on carrot sticks for your food and you shouldn’t need to pay twice or sometimes triple the price for healthy food replacements.

So what can we do about it?

Replace it!

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Admitting a Bad Habit

One of the first things to do is admit you’ve made a mistake. You need to step up and tell yourself that you’ve messed up. You need to realize that you’ve built a reliance on something and that you need to break that cycle in order to get yourself healthy again and out of danger. One of the first things we’d suggest is to sit down and write down what your bad habits are.

Become self-aware that you’re doing something like chowing down on too much fast food, drinking on too many weekends (and going overboard while you’re at it) or even smoking far too many cigarettes in a single day. If you consider these bad habits, then you’re going to have to admit them first.

Finding Replacements

Now it’s time to do a bit of research in order to find a replacement for those bad habits. A bit of research on Google can help, but here are a couple of common bad habits and their replacements.


  • Smoking – Consider drinking water everytime you find yourself craving a cigarette. Staying hydrated is a great habit and if you rewire your brain to think “drink water” instead of “smoke a cigarette”, you’ll be far healthier. The alternative is to find less-harmful smoking alternatives such as vaping. There are plenty of vape juice flavours and you won’t be causing harm to those around you.
  • Junk Food – Get some replacements for that junk food. Not only can you swap meals and snacks for healthier alternatives, but you can eat more if you consider the calorie count of fast food compared to home-cooked food or healthier snacks.
  • Social Media – A bad habit if you get addicted to it. People often use social media as a way to stay connected with friends, but they end up getting sucked in because of all the news articles and silly stories they read. Instead of getting your entertainment from social media, consider doing something productive like drawing, writing or even getting some work done by shutting off your phone.


There are plenty more productive replacements for common bad habits–you just need to find them.

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