The Sophisticated Technology Involved in E-cigarettes

The Sophisticated Technology Involved in E-cigarettes

Walk down any busy high street and you will see evidence of how popular electronic cigarettes and vaping has become. It is little wonder, however, as it is now proven that switching from traditional cigarettes to their electronic equivalent is up to 99% safer and professional organisations such as Public health England now advocate their use. Yes, vaping is in the ascendance, but how do the devices work? Here we explore the sophisticated technology involved in e-cigarettes.

Styles and Sizes

E-cigarettes and vaping devices come in a broad range of types, from cig-a-like units to high powered “sub ohming” handsets and are best purchased from a reputable retailer such as VIP Premium Vaping and E-liquids. Doing so gives the buyer some quality assurance and good technical support should it be required.

Battery Powered

The vast majority of the size of an e-cigarette or vaping device is taken up by its battery. Lithium batteries are the engine of the device and some of the larger devices can put out as much as 300w of power every time they are used. The devices or “mods” as they are sometimes known have either an internal battery that can’t be removed from the casing and are recharged using a USB connection or external batteries that are removed and placing in a charger once spent.

Tanks and Coils

Inside the tank of a device is where the magic happens. The tank attaches to the top of the battery and it contains a coil that is wrapped in a cotton wick. E-liquid, the substance that contains the flavour for the vape and the nicotine, is dripped into the tank and in turn, soaks the cotton around the coil. When the device is activated, the power from the battery heats up the coil and the heat vaporises the e-liquid that has soaked into the cotton – as this happens the user inhales the vapor.

The process doesn’t involve any combustion, nothing is burned and this is the main reason why vaping is less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

Variable Power and Safety Features

The most advanced vaping devices allow the user to control the power level and thus find the “sweet spot” for the vape. In addition, there safety features built into the devices that stop them from overheating for example.

Indeed, the concept for vaping devices is quite sophisticated, as is some of the technology used to build and operate them. The effect of using the devices, however, is relatively simple – it helps save lives.

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