Why Time Away From The Kids Isn’t A Bad Thing

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Time away from the kids? Surely not!!

How will they cope without you? How will you cope without them? The very thought of being away from them for a little while is unthinkable. Right?

Well, no. As a parent, having the occasional evening away from your children is okay. And hey, so is the occasional weekend or week away. There are some very good reasons why this is the case, so you don’t have to feel guilty about finding childcare for them.

You need time alone with your guy

When was the last time you spent quality time with your guy? If the only alone time you get to spend with him is an hour after putting the kids to bed, then you really do need to find the space and time to reconnect with each other. Many marriages run cold after a while, and this is often because the sparks of romance diminish when busyness and parenting take precedence. In worst-case scenarios, separation and divorce are the consequence, and family law solicitors are called in. Don’t let this happen in your relationship! Have those date nights. Book the occasional weekend away together. Ship the kids off to grandmas for a week. And then spend time with your man, talking, cuddling, and having fun together.

You need a break

You need time away from your role as a mum, as you will then have the opportunity to do those other things in life that aren’t directly related to your kids. So, you might spend time with your guy, hang out with your besties, engage with your hobbies, catch up with your Netflix watchlist, or do anything else that used to play a part in your life before your children arrived. With opportunities to unwind and escape from your parenting pressures, you might be able to relate to the next point.

You will be a less stressy mum

You love your kids, of course, but there will be times when your nerves are frayed because of them. It might be because they regularly interrupt your sleeping patterns by getting into bed with you. It might be because they supply you with a neverending amount of household chores. And it might be because their behaviour is sometimes more akin to Horrid Henry than Perfect Peter. Through stress, you might then say and do things you regret, and that will cause upset for you and your children. You can be forgiven, of course. You aren’t perfect. However, by having time away from your kids, you will have time to destress. You will then be able to return to them in a less stressy state, feeling refreshed, energised, and in a better position to manage the parenting challenges that await you.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Should your children be a constant source of stress for you, it might be that you start to appreciate them more when you take time away. You will remember the many wonderful things about them as you start to miss them, and forget about the food stains they leave on your walls, the slammed doors that make your house reverberate, and the cheeky behaviours that drive you to distraction. And hey, your children might start to appreciate you more too, as they are bound to miss having you around for a little while. The break away will do you all a world of good, and your relationship might become stronger because of it. 

So, don’t worry about having time away from the kids. While you shouldn’t pull a Home Alone and desert them for extended periods, that evening, weekend, or week away, could benefit you all in each of the ways we have suggested. So…where was that number for the childminder?

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