Every day should be World Mental Health Day

It’s world mental health day and I’m feeling very emotional.

I organised a coffee morning, including a raffle, in aid of West Kent Mind. I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s been a bit overwhelming but, my god, it’s been worthwhile.

I don’t know how much we raised, but that’s not really the point. The main thing was raising awareness which I think we’ve done.

I’m so proud of myself this World Mental Health Day

But not just myself all the people that helped, that donated prizes, cakes, time. Those that supported me personally by coming up and having a cuppa and a chat. And that’s the thing, you see, the chat and support. That’s what Mental Health Awareness Day is about. Talking about it. It’s OK not to be OK.

I’m no stranger to depression, anxiety and so on, in fact I’ve written about it a few times here.. It manifests itself in many forms. And although I hide away at home a fair bit I love to chat. Online and face to face. Today and put myself outside my comfort zone.

I know I have people I can turn to that will understand me if I’m having a bad day and I hope you do too. If you don’t or feel you can’t then places like Mind are invaluable.

After I had big L I was stuck

I hated baby groups. I know for many they are a source of comfort, a cup of tea and a chat. But I dreaded then. The comparison between babies, the “Oh, you do it like THAT do you”, maybe I’m oversensitive (I am, I know I am) but they just did my mental health no good. I was becoming a recluse. Then I found West Kent Mind’s mother and baby group. It was a breath of fresh air where mums like me didn’t feel out of place. We were all unique but similar in many ways.

Because of the life line Mind gave me I felt like I wanted to give something back so when I saw them promoting “don’t stew have a brew” for world mental health day I emailed on a whim and said I wanted to help.

So, here we are, the coffee morning was today

I did it! I’m so bloody proud of myself and the people that helped and donated. It just goes to show that mental health should be talked about openly. So let’s talk about it. Don’t stew, have a brew. It’s OK not to be OK. Make yourself comfy and chat. You’ll feel better for it, I promise.

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