Crayola Scoot -Video Game Review

We had an opportunity to review the Crayola scooter game recently

Crayola Scoot is a game that I would say is strongly influenced by games like Splatoon by Nintendo, with a vibrant and colourful art style. In addition the main mechanic in the game is to spray paint all over the map. But let’s get right to the game.

crayola scoot

After choosing your character, boy or girl, you get in the central “hub” of Crayola Scoot

Here you can choose to enter the main competition or upgrade your scooter with the parts you earn throughout the game. Should you choose to begin your career, you are teleported to a tutorial map, a skatepark, where you are shown the gameplay basics. This includes tricks that you can do with your scooter, and gamers familiar with the Tony Hawk or other old school extreme sports series will recognize the sight of grinds and other flips you can pull.

The aerial tricks in Crayola Scoot require you to use both sticks on the controller

And were a bit difficult to pull off, as opposed to a simpler combination of “left stick and button” input. But that might be just my impression, as I am more adept at those, from hours spent on Tony Hawk ! The game is overall lenient with players, as you can land tricks quite easily in general, even if you go crazy with the combos !

crayola scoot

Big L enjoyed himself and was able to unlock more levels after the tutorial

At the end of each set of missions you will also face the scooting legends, in events where you have to reach a higher score than them, using the different tricks you know. Should you come victorious, you will able to unlock more items to customize your character!

Crayola Scoot is a perfect game for gamers of all ages, with a fresh coat of paint (pun intended) on the old school Skating genre, with plenty of racing and painting to keep you busy for a while!

We played Crayola Scoot on PS4 but it is also available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Steam.

This is a guest review by Monsieur Incidental

*We were sent the game free for the review, all opinions are Monsieur Incidental’s





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