Feisty Pets for Cheeky Kids (and adults)

Feisty Pets the cuddly toys have been around for a couple of years now

I think most of us saw the viral video where the woman showed one to a child  and scared them silly… It was very funny (if a bit cruel). Big L was desperate to get his hands on one and we were lucky enough to be sent a set to review.

Feisty Pets are cute and cuddly but feisty – who else can relate to that?

The Feisty Pet family has grown

As well as the large soft toy there are now also 4 inch collectible models:

4 inch collectible Feisty Pets

And smaller collectibles Feisty Pets Mini Misfits:

4 inch collectible Feisty Pets Mini Misfits

We were sent one soft toy, two of the 4 inch collectible models and two crates containing the small collectibles for this review.

They all start off looking cute but turn feisty if provoked

To change the features on the soft toy you squeeze the sides of the back of its head. The 4 inch collectible you push their head down to get a feisty reaction – their arms move too, and the mini collectibles have a little lever on the back of their heads.

I’d say the 4 inch are great desk size presents and would even make a good stress buster in an office. I’m not suggesting you do it while your bosses back is turned – but I absolutely would!

The mini collectibles are great for kids especially as some are varying levels of rare. We got an ultra rare Ferdinand Flamefart which caused much excitement! They arrive in a blind bag (so you don’t know which one you have got) inside a crate. 

We thought they were great fun and, although they are aimed at older children, even our toddler loved them. His favourite game was putting them in and out of their crates! 

Little L playing with the Mini Misfits

We all thought they were cute, feisty and charming little guys. Even Granny has fun with them!

You can buy Feisty Pets from all good toy shops and from this affiliate Amazon link:

*We were sent the Feisty Pets free for this review – all words are my own blah blah


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