Meet the new member of our family – a Fingerlings Hugs

I can honestly say the Fingerlings Hugs monkey is the favourite thing I’ve reviewed. Read on to find out why…

We’ve had Boris, the Fingerlings Hugs for a few weeks now, he was originally meant for my 7 year old but he was quickly swiped by his younger brother. They share nicely, most of the time.

fingerlings hugs, wowee

Big L with Boris the Fingerlings Hugs

Every person that has set foot in my house since we got Boris has fallen in love with him. My hairdresser has even bought one for her daughter’s birthday – she was so impressed!

Boris arrived in a box. He comes complete with batteries so there are no tantrums while you look for a screwdriver and the correct batteries – always handy on Christmas morning!

There are two Fingerlings Hugs to choose from. Boris, who is blue,and Bella, who is pink.

Although it states 3 years plus my 2 year old has taken him as his own.

fingerlings hugs, wowee

Little L tickling Bruce the Fingerlings Hugs

He even sits at the dinner table with us. Last night he enjoyed baked beans which might explain the fact that he is getting grubbier by the day. He is wipe clean but not machine washable.

I didn’t realise I’d fall in love with this little guy so much but here’s why I have:

As well as having velcro on his hands to give you a hug he has a sensor on his mouth so he makes kissing sounds. The kiss lasts as long as you hold something over his mouth so it’s either a quick peck or a “Mwwwwwaaaaahh”.

If you hold the button on his ear he will record what you say for up to 5 seconds and repeat it back in his silly voice – lots of fun.

Throwing him in the air results in a “Oooh”

Dropping him results in an “ouch” –  don’t drop him, it makes you feel bad.

If you hold him by one arm and swing him he shouts “Wheeeeeee”

He’s ticklish which makes Little L howl with laughter.

He whistles to get your attention of you don’t play with him for a few minutes before snoring and going to sleep. A bit like a few members of this household.

My absolute favourite, though, is when you shake him he laughs uncontrollably then farts. Yes, I’m a 41 year old woman who finds farts funny.

I can really see this being a Christmas must have and if it’s not it really should be.

You can buy Fingerlings Hugs RRP £29.99 (and worth every penny) from all good toy shops and here (affiliate link)

* I received Boris, The Fingerlings Hugs, free of charge for the purpose of this review but I would totally go out and buy one. He’s awesome!

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