Pound Puppies Classic and Newborn Plush Toys – The 80’s Classic is Back!

The Pound Puppies were gifted for review – all opinions are photos are our own. This post may contain affiliate links, more details can be found here

The original Pound Puppies were born waaaay back in the 80s when I was but a child

Oh how I wanted a Pound Puppy, alas I had a deprived childhood and it was not to be – until now! Obviously all the toys we review are for the children and not to relive my lost youth, not at all, nope…

Pound Puppies Classic and Newborn plush toys, on green grass. The newborn Pound Puppy is grey and the large is beige and has brown ears and patches

Our two new additions – Pound Puppies

Today’s Classic Pound Puppies from Basic Fun are exact replicas of their 1980’s counterparts from Hasbro and are joined by new kid on the block, Pound Puppies Newborns

Pound Puppies Bottom with the classic PP embroidery

Pound Puppies Classic PP embroidery

Both the Classic and Newborn Pound Puppies, who both have the original “PP” embroidery on their bottom, come in the original carrier kennel along with the adoption certificate. The idea being that it fosters learning about animal adoption and caring for your pet. This has certainly been the case with Big and Little L who have named their Pound Puppies and take them to bed with them each night. They even took the to the seaside mini break with them – they had their own suitcase!

Pound Puppies stickers and adoption certificates for both classic pound puppies and newborn pound puppies

Pound Puppies Stickers & Certificates of Adoption

The Ls have both been really loving towards their new pets – I wonder if they are trying to prove they can be trusted with the real thing?

Both children made a bee line for the Pound Puppies as soon as they arrived – there was little squabbling as they are both super cute, rather than share they chose one each.

Two boys sat on a sofa with their new pound puppies still in a box. The boys are smiling. One has a large Classic Pound Puppy, the other has a Newborn Pound Puppy

Big L with his Pound Puppies Newborn and Little L with his Pound Puppies Classic

Little L adopted the Classic Pound Puppy 

Bigger is better as far as toddlers are concerned, what can I say? There are 4 Classic Pound Puppies to collect, each an exact replica (but brighter) than the 80s original they even have the collar with tag so you can write their name on. They also come with a set of Pound Puppy stickers.

Little L fell in love with the soppy face and floppy ears (and I’m not talking about me).  

Classic Pound Puppy, cream and brown, with its adoption certificate on grass

Little L’s Classic Pound Puppy with Adoption Certificate. He named it Archie

Where can I buy Classic Pound Puppies?

The Classic Pound Puppies are RRP £19.99 and are available from Smyths Toys, instore at Tesco and from Amazon here

Pound puppies Classic showing the "my name is" tag

Pound Puppies Classic name tag

Big L adopted the Newborn Pound Puppy

I have to be honest these are super cute. I like the size, just right to carry around. They are the same as the classic on a smaller scale, the only thing they don’t come with is the stickers. There are 8 different Newborn Pound Puppies to collect.

Pound Puppies Newborn plush, grey puppy with adoption certificate on grass

Big Ls Newborn Pound Puppy – He named it Sweetie

Where can I buy Newborn Pound Puppies?

Newborn Pound Puppies have a RRP of £7.99 making them great pocket money toys. The Pound Puppies Newborns are available from Amazon  here

Pound Puppies are doing their bit for real life rescue dogs by working with Dogs Trust

My children (and I, truth be told) would like a real dog but right now the time isn’t right (plus two of us are allergic) so these guys have come at the right time and don’t cause allergies. If we do ever decide to add a dog to our family it will certainly be a rescue and from August 1st Basic Fun will make a donation to Dogs Trust . 27p for classic and 11p for newborns Pound Puppies with the Dogs Trust logo on the box. Dogs Trust is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, rehoming around 14,300 dogs every year. 

Little boy in bed asleep with his arm over a Pound Puppies classic

Little L fell asleep with his Pound Puppy, Archie

What did we think of the Pound Puppies Classic & Newborn Plush?

I think it’s clear to see we love them, they really are adorable. Their floppy ears are really soft and they are perfect for cuddling (as you can see in the photo above). They are aimed at age 3 to 6 but I am 43 soon as I’m really taken with them so… They will make a great gift for a child but I think many 80s kids would be chuffed to receive one too. At £7.99 the Newborns will make great (dare I mention this yet?) stocking fillers. 

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