Robo Alive Spider Review

With Halloween almost upon us what better way than to scare yourself silly with this Robo Alive Spider

Zuru toys kindly sent Big L this bag full of goodies including Oosh Putty, Oosh Slime, Smashers,  Tangle and LOL Surprise. And, last but not least, the Robo Alive Spider…

zuru, robo alive spider, halloween

The Zuru goodies including the Robo Alive Spider

Taking the spider out of the box is no mean feat I have to say. There is a plastic tag clipping it in and I had to use a teaspoon to remove it! Once out all you have to do is flip the switch though as it comes with batteries – hurrah!

It’s a bit more noisy than the real thing but at least you know where it is!

zuru, robo alive spider

The pesky plastic tag

Not being one to read instructions I popped the Robo Alive Spider straight onto the carpet…

I didn’t work. “I’ve been sent a duff one” I thought. But a quick read of the instructions told me it doesn’t work on carpet (you idiot, Erica) so I popped out on the wooden floor…

The Robo Alive Spider is very life-like

robo alive spider, zuru, halloween

The Robo Alive Spider

My goodness me! Once on the flat surface it scuttled off like the real thing. My two-year-old loved it (it’s meant for age 5 upwards by the way but you may have guessed I’m a bit of a rule breaker). At one point it disappeared off under the television cabinet so I had to brave the real cobwebs and retrieve it.


Little L (and Granny for that matter) thought it was hilarious when it got stuck on a chair leg. Round and round it went!

When Big L got home from school he was absolutely delighted with it!

We are having a Halloween party soon so I will certainly be playing some tricks on big L’s friends.

The Robo Alive Spider retails at £9.99 and is available from and from this affiliate link

I’ll be giving away a Robo Alive Spider and some other Zuru goodies soon so keep Your eyes peeled (or subscribe for updates).

* We were sent the goodies free of charge for this review. As always all words and thoughts are my own


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