Schleich Eldrador Creatures – a review

You would be forgiven if you thought that Schleich only made animal figures – because I did!

It wasn’t until I was asked to review the new Eldrador Creatures that I found out. I guess it comes from having children of a certain age, and boys at that!

The story behind the Eldrador Creatures is that they each come from a different source – lava, ice, stone or water and they are all searching for the Super Weapon. There are currently twelve Eldrador Creatures on sale along with a pack that will be available from September this year – and Big L is eager for another one (or two).

We were sent the Stone Skeleton

He has an RRP of £13.99. His arms move and the weapon is removable (we have to hide that from Little L as it is quite small). I thought he might scare my unpredictable seven-year-old but not at all! He was very keen when he read the blurb on the website:

Stone skeleton with weapon

Previously, he was an extremely strong warrior, but now he is making trouble in Eldrador as a stone skeleton. The green crystals which brought him back to life are a weapon and source of energy for him. He can also turn his opponents into stone using his

A really tough guy: according to legend, a long time ago he was an extremely strong warrior who struck fear and terror into the hearts of all those in Eldrador. Now he is back and making trouble again as a stone skeleton! He is more dangerous than ever. The green crystals which brought him back to life are a weapon and source of energy for him. He can also turn his opponents into stone using his mighty crystal flail and breathe life into other stones for a short while, creating his own army. For better protection against attack, he wears sharp spikes on his body – and these can hurt attackers quite a lot…

Fun fact

Hates the cold because his bones start to rattle really loudly at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius!

He enjoys it so much he’s gone boss-eyed

I really like the fact that each character has a story behind it

It aids imaginative play and children can play together and build a world based around the stories. Big L loves anything to do with gems or crystals so the fact that the Stone Skeleton has one has sparked his imagination right away.

To me they are somewhat reminiscent of the Dungeons and Dragons figures.  The figures start at £9.99 with the most expensive being £15.99 and the awaited set will be £29.99 – ours was a mid range one at £13.99.

At first I thought £13.99 was a bit pricey as it is aimed at the five to twelve year old age group, but I reasoned if it was aimed at adults it would cost more. They are also the high quality we have come to expect of the Schleich brand. It is something that you could buy as a present or a child could save up pocket money for – and it wouldn’t take too long.

You can purchase the figures directly from Schleich here

*We were sent the Eldrador Creature free of charge for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own




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