We were recently asked to review Shnooks – admittedly they are aimed at girls (please don’t call the gender police) and I have two boys but we have lots of different toys and frankly I thought they looked cute.

Big L with his Shnooks pre-opening

They arrive almost flat packed in a “bubble” and the gimmick is that they grow to 8 times the size once out of the pack and shaken (in this case very vigorously).  Big L was quite impressed – he gets shiny object syndrome and thought it was really sweet.

He quickly ripped the pack and tore the top of the “bubble” open to remove a very flat Shnook.  This was soon rectified as he shook the living daylights out of the poor thing!  It became a lovely puffy wonder!  Also in the pack are a comb, 4 hair bands and 2 hair clips.  I was very surprised that Big L quickly grabbed the hair things and started playing with the Shnooks hair.  OK.  He grabbed the Shnook off of me – I never had a Girl’s World doll and wanted to play – don’t judge!  Luckily the hair doesn’t shed which I must admit was a fear of mine.  They are suitable for ages 3 and up, since we have an 18 month old we did spend a fair bit of time attempting to keep him away from the hair bands and clips

Big L with a Shnooks beard

It was bedtime so Big L had to stop playing but has since picked it up to play with it again which is a promising sign!  I would say that (most) girls will get more from it than (most) boys and I wouldn’t go out and buy another one for Big L however I think they are good value for money.  In a world where one Kinder Egg sets you back nigh on a pound I think these have more longevity.  Children can collect and play together and do their hair in different styles which even appeals to me as a middle-aged woman (maybe I should get out more?).

The Shnooks usually retail at £7.99 and is available from Amazon and all good toy shops



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