SimplyCook Vegetarian Bean & Sweetcorn Quesadilla – A Perfect Family Recipe (AD/Review)

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SimplyCook vegetarian bean & sweetcorn quesadillas are really easy to make, delicious and vegetarian 

I have used meal kits before but never SimplyCook so when they asked if I would like to try them I was intrigued. I know friends of mine who use them and rave about them but I wondered to myself “how good can pots of herbs and spices actually be?”.

SimplyCook is a recipe kit with a difference. You don’t get a whacking great box of ingredients on your doorstep, which for us is a godsend. Our fridge isn’t huge and the recipe boxes we’ve tried, although they’ve been tasty, the shelf life isn’t that long. Instead of ingredients left on your doorstep you get a box through your letterbox!

How does SimplyCook work?

Each box from SimplyCook contains four recipes in an individual sleeve. Each sleeve contains 3 pots of ingredients to spice up a pretty simple meal.

Most of the ingredients you will already have at home but if you do need to add to it I found nothing was out of the ordinary, maybe some cream or a specific vegetable. But the recipes pride themselves on being easy to follow and needing only a handful of ingredients.

SimplyCook vegetarian bean and sweetcorn quesadillas - the slasa, chopped tomato and red onion

The simple yet delicious salsa

How many people do SimplyCook recipes feed?

You can choose a box to feed two or four people. Currently the vegetarian boxes only feed two people but SimplyCook are looking to add a four person option soon.

The great thing about SimplyCook recipes is you can tweak them to suit you – by adding extra ingredients you can stretch it out a bit although the portion sizes are generous anyway.

SimplyCook bean and sweetcorn quesadillas

We are already fans of quesadillas here, to be honest anything with a bit of spice and melted cheese goes down well. I wondered how SimplyCook could improve on them but they certainly managed it. 

As with all their recipes you only need to add a few key ingredients and they aren’t difficult or time consuming to follow and make.

What is included in the SimplyCook bean and sweetcorn quesadillas recipe box?

The three pots in the box are 

  • Quesadilla Paste
  • Spicy BBQ Sauce
  • Pico de Gallo Salsa

Simply Cook bean & sweetcorn quesadillas are made in three easy steps

You need to turn on the oven – panic not! This is just to keep each of the quesadillas warm while the rest are being cooked. 

The recipe cards are really easy to follow as it is broken down in stages. While one thing is cooking you can turn your attention to something else in the recipe, for instance while the bean and sweetcorn Quesadilla filling is cooking your prepare the salsa and dipping sauce.

SimplyCook bean and sweetcorn quesadillas - barbecue dipping sauce

Barbecue dipping sauce made with sour cream

What did we think of SimplyCook bean and sweetcorn quesadillas?

We were fans! The younger boys had some of the quesadillas, they were a little hotter than they would usually eat but they gave them a go. The two grown ups in the house loved them. The quesadillas themselves were delicious but the addition of the BBQ soured cream and the salsa just really topped it off. It turned an ordinary family meal into something more gastronomic.

I have to say the salsa really was something else. All I did was chop us some red onion ad tomatoes, it was the addition of the Pico de Gallo that really made it. There was just the right amount of kick and freshness of lime that I could eat on its own but added to the quesadillas was just perfect. In fact I’m salivating at the thought of it!

SimplyCook bean and sweetcorn quesadillas - the finished article. The quesadillas, sauce and salsa

The finished product

How much is SimplyCook and is it worth it?

SimplyCook offers a trial box for £3, after that they are £9.99 per box (with free delivery). Obviously you have to buy your own fresh ingredients on top of that but it’s up to you where you source them so you can add them to your weekly shop or pick them up from the market. You can choose to have your subscription weekly, fortnightly, monthly or six weekly and it is easy to amend or cancel – with seven days notice.

For a family like ours, who doesn’t have a stock cupboard full of herbs and spices these are ideal. I have to admit, although I love cooking, I’m not very adventurous when it comes to adding flavours so these really are a great addition. They’re also great if you are short of space as the pots are small.

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