Tech Deck from Spinmaster – review

Tech Deck is celebrating its 20th anniversary

20 years ago I was 20 and hanging around with a group of real skateboarders. It turns out I a) either didn’t learn much from them or b) have forgotten it all over the years as when I received these fingerboards the names and descriptions meant NOTHING to me!

Tech Deck are 96mm fingerboards and BMX bikes that are replicas of their full size counterparts. They even feature real graphics from the biggest names in the sports such as Primitive, Element and Plan B.

We were sent 3 sets consisting of A Flip 4 pack of fingerboards, a Creature 1 pack set and a Quarterpipe with gap set:

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Tech Deck Bundle

I was warned that the packs contain small pieces, by golly they are SMALL!!


Nuts, bolts and bits and bobs

I would recommend you have a container ready to put them in, I used a takeaway tub because I am classy like that! They come with their very own little tools too. Although they are recommended for age 6 upwards Big L (who is nearly 7) couldn’t manage the small pieces and, in all honesty, I struggled myself! Luckily there is one that are already made if you are eager to get your fingerboard on!

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Creature set

Our set of 4 boards contained:

4 x 96mm fingerboards – one pre-made

4 x grip tape

16 wheels

8 trucks

Too many tiny screws and nuts for my liking


If you are really lucky there are rare gold trucks hidden in the box –

we weren’t that lucky (story of my life). Also don’t miss the stickers, I thought they were part of the packaging at first and they nearly ended up in the recycling.

Here are the contents of our Quarterpipe with Gaps:


Quarter pipes with gap

The skateboards are adjustable so you can personalise the maneuverability to suit your skills or tricks you want to do – just like the real thing.

What we thought:

Fiddly bits aside, I think they are really good quality, the attention to detail for each brand is fab and I think it is obvious that the idea is to get kids confident with the use of fingerboards so they can progress to the “real thing”. The fact that they are customisable with different colours and so on, just like their big brother, is a good way of getting kids involved in skateboarding and using their imaginations.

Big L thought they were really cool and I think any kid that is interested in skateboarding would love to receive these. The fact that there are collectibles and some are rare is a huge thing these days. The price starts at £2.99 for the once fingerboard pack so they are easily pocket money prices. The multipacks, ramps etc are more expensive but good for presents or saving up for.

For more information and some great videos check out the Tech Deck website here!

*we received the products free of charge for the purposes of review but all opinions are mine (and Big Ls)



We review Tech Teck fingerboards and accessories by Spinmaster #fingerboard #bmx #skateboard #sk8 skater #spinmaster #review

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