The Apple iPhone 8 / 8 plus and iOS 11 with Three – from the perspective of an Android user

Last week I was invited by the lovely people at Three to attend a blogging event in Islington, essentially to get “hands-on” with the new iPhone.  I’ve never owned an iPhone, I am strictly an Android girl but I wanted to see what the fuss was about and some of my “Blogging Besties” were going too.  We don’t get to go out together often so when the opportunity arises we tend to grab it with both hands and run like the wind.

The session, headed by Stephen Green of Dr Logic, was fairly small which was good as it gave us the chance to ask questions.  If we didn’t already have one of the phones we were given one to play with.  It took a while to get to grips with for me as obviously the Apple set up is bespoke and I hadn’t used it before. But, like anything, once you get used to it it’s fairly easy.

The phones are of superb quality without a doubt but… The things that jumped out to me that are new about them were:

  • They are made from glass – front and back
  • They support wireless sharing

Both things my 18 month old Samsung S7 edge is and does….

That said the camera was fantastic, the extra options are phenomenal and, I’ll be honest, one of the things I look for in a mobile is a decent camera. One that can take half decent photos of my uncooperative kids is a must!   You can take a short burst of film and choose the best frame and the portrait mode was fab, where you can blur the background.  We were each given a phone and 15 minutes to go and take some shots outside. Given that we’d only had a short amount of time to play with them, some of the photos were really impressive (not mine I hasten to add). Although at this point I should probably admit that a group of us dashed to the local pub for a quick drink ?

The video stabilisation was out of this world which is great for people that video regularly and especially the vloggers among us.  I actually couldn’t believe it when I saw it. When you pan around, it’s so smooth, it really gives a very professional feel to your videos.

A couple of other great functions that stood out for me were the emergency call.  For this you click the button on the side 5 times and it automatically alerts the emergency services to your location (even if you have your GPS turned off it turns it on).  It will also contact anyone on your ICE list.  Don’t worry if it’s done in error as it makes a very loud noise so you’d hear it from your pocket.  Having said that my boyfriend informs me that my Samsung has a similar function (who knew? Not me!).

Another of my favourites was the in car function where if you are travelling at speed it automatically shuts off unnecessary notifications, it also sends a message to anyone calling you that you are driving. I’d find this really helpful as if you are driving alone you can’t let callers know, I’m always getting messages asking if I’m OK – Yes, I’m just driving!

Obviously I’m not an expert so if you want to know more about the iPhone 8 phone head over to here or the iPhone8 plus here!

We were also told about the iPhone X which stands for 10 – don’t ask what happened to nine it’s one of life’s great mysteries!  This comes out in the next couple of months and looks awesome but will likely have limited availability to begin with due to the technology being so advanced that it is difficult to mass produce.  Stephen said it’s likely to be next year before most people can get their hands on one.  If you want Three to keep you informed about the iPhone X then click here

All in all I’ll stick with my slightly battered Samsung S7 Edge for the time being but if someone wanted to give me an iPhone 8 plus or X I wouldn’t be unhappy…

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